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seniors falling in love

Seniors Falling in Love – Is This You

Seniors Falling in Love Seniors falling in love does it happen? Yes, it does happen it happened to me. I met an incredible lady while she was out walking one day. We refer you to this article on interpersonal relationships on Wikipedia for a lot of general information. There is a section headed Life Stages […]

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senior travel ideas and tips

Senior Travel Ideas and Tips Part 1 Australia

  Senior Travel Ideas and Tips Here you will discover a lot of travel ideas and tips by reading through this post titled Senior Travel Ideas and Tips. In this article we will be focussing on travel in Australia but international travel will also be touched on. Travelling now that you are in your senior […]

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Independent Living Pensioners in Park

Independent Living for Seniors

Independent Living for Seniors Do you feel that you can live independently. It is easier than you imagine. Please read on to see how to do it. Independent living for seniors is now a lot easier with wonderful living aids and gadgets now available for all of us. I have found life to be simply […]

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exercise for seniors

Exercises for Seniors – What Is Best for You

Exercises for Seniors – What Is Best for You In this article Exercises for Seniors – What Is Best for You we will be looking at various types of exercises that are all available for senior citizens to do depending on their level of fitness. We will also include a small bonus section on Mental […]

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what is a rollator used for

What is a Rollator Used For- I Use One

What is a Rollator Used For I am nearly 70 years of age and have a lot of experience with rollators. I have and use one and prior to the passing of my wife she used one for about 5 years. A rollator is used to assist you with your mobility when you need assistance. […]

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