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lucite walking cane

Lucite Walking Cane – Why a Lucite One

Lucite Walking Cane

Why consider a lucite walking cane?

This article will take you through the advantages and disadvantages of a lucite walking cane.

We will discuss what it is so that you can be sure of what you are considering to buy.

We believe that after you have read this article you will have further information on which to make your decision.

Note : The Above Image does not show a Lucite Walking Stick it is just an image of a fashionable lady with a walking stick


You can find out about walking sticks in general here.

Or refer to our article here.

What is a Lucite Cane.

Lucite was originally invented in DuPont in 1937.

Although it is a type of plastic it is less fragile than plastic.

It is also heavier and denser than plastic.

It is a higher grade of acrylic plastic than acrylic.

Lucite is also used in the manufacture of some items of jewelry.

So the above means that a lucite cane is a cane made of this material called Lucite.

These canes are available in both right and left hand models.

They are clear.

Often they may be a crystal ridges design.

Because of their luxury look you might consider one to add to your collection for use on special occasions.

Other Walking Canes You Might Consider

There are a lot of walking canes or walking sticks on the market.

There are ones made of wood or aluminium.

Some are foldable and others are adjustable.

These canes are cheaper than the lucite canes.

That means that there is a cane for all budgets.

Walking Cane Accessories

There are many accessories available for walking canes.

These include

  • replacement Tips
  • Holder That Lets your cane hang from a table
  • A holder so that your cane can be held on the back of a chair
  • Wrist straps
  • A Carrying Pouch


As you can see from the information above there is a walking cane to suit whatever is your situation.

We thank you for reading this article and suggest that you read the article about Mobility Devices for Disabled and Seniors.





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