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Equipment for Elderly Care at Home – You Need to Read This


Equipment for Elderly Care at Home

Equipment for Elderly Care at Home includes many different products which means there are a lot of choices of product.

Most problems that you can think of have something for you.

In other words there is something for everyone.

You can get everything from jar openers to shower stools.

There is a lot of good information here.

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What Can You Get in Equipment for Elderly Care at Home

There are many differing products which will solve most problems.

Shower Chairs

We have covered these in another article.

What is a shower chair and why use one.

As we get older then we start to lose strength and balance.

This means that we are all likely at some stage to have a fall.

I am almost 70 and have had 4 falls so I can talk from experience.

You need to protect yourself from falls so that you don’t break any bones.

When showering the shower floor will become wet and slippery,unless it has a non slip coating on the surface.

By sitting when showering this can reduce the risk of falling hence not suffering an injury.

Bedding Products

You can find many products to include in Equipment for Elderly Care at Home in this area.

The first product we will discuss is a rail guard for the bed.

This product runs along the side of the bed.

What this will mean for you is that they can prevent a fall from the bed.

The next item is a smaller bed rail.

This will assist in getting someone in and out of the bed.

One longer part slips under the mattress and a shorter part with a rail on the top is positioned alongside the bed.

The side part is then adjusted so that the bottom of it is resting on the floor.

What this does is enables someone to be able to get in and out of the bed by holding on to the top rail.

Another item in the area of bedding is A Waterproof Mattress Protector.

A Sheet Protector can also be purchased.

These will protect the mattress and sheets from those little accidents.


The first item we will discuss here is a Toilet Frame.

This Frame is a stand alone frame for positioning around your toilet.

It is used to help you on and off the toilet.

You may prefer a system of a rail that attaches to your toilet.

These are easy to fit.

If you have a problem with using toilet paper,due to a limited range of motion, then there is a product for you.

What this will mean is that you will never have this problem again.

These are toilet paper tongs available in various lengths with the ends angled.

Having the ends angled means that they are very precise in their operation.

Kitchen Aids

Kitchen aids for the elderly or disabled include can openers,jar openers and bottle openers.

These are used mainly by people with an arthritic condition however I have found that using a bottle opener has made it a lot easier as I suffer from loss of strength.

These items are relatively cheap for what they can do for you.

Do you need help opening jars?

These devices can be either manual or powered.

When they are powered it is often with batteries.

Because of this there is more mobility rather than having to drag a power lead around the kitchen bench.

This can mean that you can use them where you wish to.

They are very easy to use.

These items are similar to jar openers hence there are many to choose from and they really help with opening bottles.

You can even get a ring pull can opener.

Plates, Knives and forks are also able to be obtained so that when you are eating it will be much easier for you.

To achieve this you will find that plates are specially made to be curved hence it is easier to get food onto the utensil.

Knives, forks and spoons can be obtained in some differing models.

Some are angled while others are able to be attached to your wrist.

Cutlery can also be obtained with different sized handles so that you will be able to hold it easier.

Other disability aids for the elderly or disabled in the kitchen include:

  • Special Insulated Drinking Mugs
  • Straws for Use When Drinking
  • Adult Bibs
  • Chopstick Helpers

All of the above means that you can find there are enough for the kitchen and these are designed to act as Equipment for Elderly Care at Home

Other Items

Other items for the elderly or disabled person include

  • Deodorizing Body Wipes
  • Bedroom Monitors so that a carer can monitor the person while sleeping
  • Foot Massager Roller
  • Compression Socks
  • Sock that are Non Slip
  • Sock Aid hence when you put on your socks you will not have to stretch as far as you would without this device.
  • Grabber / Grippers of varying lengths what these will mean for you is no more bending.
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Various Pain Tablets for Arthritis and other pains.
  • Items that make turning patients safer so that a carer will not suffer a back injury.
  • Seat Pivot Disc makes it easier when getting in and out of a car.
  • Leg lifter which can making walking easier if you cannot lift a leg off the ground.
  • Grab rails for many areas of the home.
  • Pressure Mattress
  • Stairlift to save you having to negotiate stairs.
  • Orthopedic cushions to prevent pressure sores
  •  Medical alert monitor and fall detection monitor. You will find this device essential. I have had to use mine when I had falls and other times when I needed an ambulance.
  • Bedpans
  • Braces for back pain.Also for pain in other joints.
  • Exercise Putty for exercising your hands
  • Donut Hemorrhoid Cushions
  • Inflatable Bathtub. Can be used on your bed so there is no need to get to the bathroom.
  • Incontinence Pads

There really are too many other items to mention all of them however I believe you will now have better knowledge of what you can get.

In summary when you are looking for Equipment for Elderly Care at Home you will find these items won’t cost as much as you may be fearing and they are all readily available for you to get and put to use.

Thank you for reading this article.

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