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5 Over the Bed Tables with Wheels Reviewed

5 Over the Bed Tables with Wheels Reviewed

Tray of Food on Over the Bed Table


In this article you will find reviews of Over the Bed Tables with Wheels.

These tables are not only useful for people who are restricted to bed but also for people to use as a table to do computer work on or simply as a table to eat meals off while watching television.

Really they are for anyone.

They are suitable for elderly people, disabled people or simply those recuperating from an injury or illness.

If you have ever been a patient staying in a hospital you more than likely would have used one of these tables.

They are used for meal trays to be placed on when hospital staff bring meals for you. You can also use them to keep reading material on. Nurses use them when attending to you.

You will find when using these tables that they are very stable.

All the tables we will be reviewing can be used either at home or in a hospital or other institution.

As an aside I decided to add in a review of a product that, while not an over the bed table, is a small item that is very often used with one of these tables and can often be forgotten when looking at a table.

It is only a small cost and very handy for a patient or elderly person to use.

I trust you approve.

Call Bell for Multipurposes, Silver and Black

Here is a direct link to the listing at Amazon for you should you wish to purchase, read the listing for yourself, check the price or read what current customers are saying.

Just click here.

This bell has a circumference of around 2 inches and is lightweight at 2.4 ounces. 

The handle is around 4.75 inches high.

A great little bell that does the job.

The majority of reviewers are quite happy with the product but as like all products there are varying opinions.

Worth a few minutes to visit the link above to read the positive and negative comments.

Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table with Wheels

The Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bedside Table with Wheels is a very popular table.

It is very maneuverable as it has wheels which makes it easily moved around.

This table is adjustable which means the height can be set to the correct level it is needed at to be comfortable for the patient to use.

The height can be set between 28 and 40 inches.

It is very well finished with a laminated top in a walnut wood grain.

The castors are 4″ models.

Whilst this table does not tilt this manufacturer has a tilting model available.

For the Tilting Model Listing please refer to this link.

Two of the wheels are able to be locked and it has a sturdy finish to it.

To see the full listing on Amazon along with Price and Customer Reviews we refer you to this Link which will take you directly there.

Platinum Health PHT2500 Acrobat Professional Overbed or Laptop Table with Tilting and Height Adjustable Casters
This table is highly thought of by Amazon’s customers.
It is also the most expensive one we will be reviewing here.
If you would like to go direct to Amazon to read the full listing, check
current price and look at the customer reviews then please click here.
This table features a split top. The larger surface tilts while the smaller one remains level.
The tilting section would be good for using a laptop or reading a book or magazine.
Tilt it to level when you wish to have a meal.
Choose which color you would like – a natural wood grain or a white birch finish.
There is a good lip around the table to stop items slipping off.
The majority of these tables have a H shaped base. This one is U shaped which means that you can use it with any chair.
Due to it’s sturdy construction as well as the smooth roll castors make it suitable for either home or institution use.
The measurements of the tilting area are 23.5″ x 15.5″ with the smaller non tilting surface being 7.75″ x 15.5″.
Please take the time to read the full Amazon listing above and I believe you will be as impressed by this product as I am.

To check out the full listing on Amazon for this table please visit Amazon by clicking on this link. 

This overbed table is made in the U.S.

2 of the 4 wheels are lockable.

The finish to the tabletop is a walnut pattern.

It should be noted that Medline is a well known brand in this type of equipment.

The highest point of adjustment from floor to tabletop is 42.5″ while the lowest is 29.5″

As with all products reviews change from one buyer to another and I feel that with all products you should read the reviews yourself and be happy with them. I think this table is quite OK for it’s purpose but you are the one who has to be happy.

Please read the link above to check the current pricing at Amazon as well as the customer reviews.

Invacare 6417 Overbed Table with Auto-Touch

This Invacare Overbed Table is liked by it’s current users.

For you to be able to see how much we recommend you to look at the full Amazon Listing by clicking on this link. By doing so you will also see it’s current price.

Like the manufacturer above this manufacturer is also a well known one.
Height can be adjusted between 28″ and 40″ depending on the level that you wish it to be so that you are comfortable.
It has a sturdy construction as it comes with a welded steel base.
The auto touch feature is brought about from it having a spring loaded locking handle which easily adjusts the height and locks it into place.
Castors are 1.5 inches.
The Table Top is 15″ wide and 30 ” long.
The majority of the Customer Reviews report favorably about their experiences, however, as with any product, there are a range of views as all humans are different and everyone thinks differently about rating a product.
I believe it is important for you to visit the Amazon link above to make sure you are happy with the reviews left by Amazon customers of this over the bed table with wheels.

Drive Medical Non Tilt Top Overbed Table, Silver Vein

The Drive Medical Non Tilt Top Overbed Table is like the two above manufactured by a well known manufacturer.
It is high in Amazon’s best sellers category.
To check out this table for yourself and make sure you are happy with what current customers think of their purchase please click on Amazon here. You can also find the current amazing price.
This over the bed table is easily adjusted to the height you want to use it at.
The height can be in between 28 and 45 inches.
The mechanism for adjusting the height is by a conveniently located lever and locks in place when you reach the desired height and you release the height adjusting lever.
From customer enquiries I gather that the instructions provided may be a little hard to follow so if this is the case for you go to Drive’s site and view their video instructions.
Castors are a 2 inch model.
From reading the customer reviews of this product it is ultra important you read them yourself before making a buying decision.
There is a fairly wide range of thoughts about this product ranging from different uses to good to poor quality I feel you need to read them for yourself.


Thank you for your interest in this article.

I hope you have found something of interest and learnt about what over the bed tables with wheels are.

If you are indeed searching for a table for yourself or a loved one but none of the above that are reviewed here then this is a link to the best sellers page at Amazon

This link will take you directly to the Best Sellers in Medical Overbed Tables page.
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