About Me

Thank you for visiting our site.

My name is John.

John S

Like you I am a Senior Citizen.

I live in a retirement Community in Australia where the minimum age of residency is 65.

I have 2 adult children both in their 40’s and lost my wife of almost 45 years almost 4 years ago at the time of writing this.

In the Retirement Village I live at there are almost 700 residents.

It really is a tremendous place to live.

You always have company if you wish or if you want to be by yourself you are not interrupted.

The residents make up what I like to think of as a small town.

Naturally, I don’t know all of them but know enough to have formed a lovely social circle.

I currently use a battery operated jar opener, a walking stick, a rollator and a mobility scooter.

From talking with other residents I am aware of what they use and the list is extensive so I decided to create this site so you are able to use it as a focal point when looking for items to make your life easier.

This is why I feel qualified to make this website.

Thank you for your interest.