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Adaptive Gardening Tools for the Disabled Reviewed

Adaptive Gardening Tools for the Disabled Reviewed

If you love Gardening and have a disability then you can find an adaptive gardening tool for the disabled in our review.

We welcome you to our site and suggest you grab a cup of tea or coffee and settle back and enjoy this article.

There is no need to not enjoy your favorite pastime any longer.

Gardening can be very relaxing and a great form of exercise.

It lets you get out into the fresh air.

These are all good things for people suffering disabilities to participate in.

Now that you have the tools available get some and get into it.

You can now get out into the fresh air and get some exercise.


In this article, we will discuss quite a few tools that are available for you to get all at a moderate price.

To learn more about gardening please visit this page at Wikipedia.

Please Note: If you want more information on a product please click on the image below the product. Also if you wish to purchase a product please also click on the same photo. Thank You


Total Comfort Knee Pads

While this item is not directly a tool we have included it in this review as these are essential if you are getting down on your knees.

They are made using advanced memory foam which allows people suffering from arthritis to experience comfort and protection.

As this material has a dual-density foam core the knee slowly sinks into the padding.

This material has been lab-tested and is recommended by doctors.

The Knee Pads have been designed with thick straps which form part of the structure of the pad.

They have hook and loop closures.

The pads are 7 inches wide, 8 inches high, 1 inch thick and are machine washable.

You can get them in either a blue or green color.




No Bend Weed Puller

The no bend weed puller is something I wish I had years ago.

Here is a great video for you to see the No Bend Weed Remover in Action.

No need to bend or kneel to remove weeds from your garden anymore.

Simply push the end of it into the ground around the weed then twist and remove the weed.

Next push the weed out by pushing on the handle.

Allow the weed to fall into the container you are collecting the weeds in.

It's great for users suffering from rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, or arthritic joints.

The tool is made from aluminum and plastic and weighs only 1.5 pounds.

It measures 39.5 inches long, 8.25 inches wide.



Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Set of 4

Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Garden tools are designed for people who are forced to sit in a chair wild gardening.

The pack of 4 tools includes one of each of Long Reach Hoe, Long Reach Cultivator, Long Reach Trowel, Long Reach Fork.

These tools dimensions are:

  •  Cultivator: Measures 32 in. long, weighs 18 oz.
  •  Trowel: Measures 34 in. long, weighs 20 oz.
  •  Hoe: Measures 31 in. long, weighs 20 oz.
  •  Fork: Measures 32 in. long, weighs 18.5 oz.

The handles are set at a right angle to the shaft of each tool.

Peta recommends the use of the arm support cuff which we will discuss next.



Peta Easi-Grip Arm Support Cuff

Peta Easi-Grip Arm Support Cuff is recommended for use with the above product.

This item is 8 inches long and at one end is a round cuff which is attached to a connector.

This arm support fits Peta's range of Easi-Grip tools and handles.

It reduces strain on the wrist and the fingers while utilizing the strength of the forearm and the upper arm.

It's made from aluminum and PVC vinyl.




Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Cultivator

The Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Cultivator is for gardeners who work in a seated position and provides a solution for reaching ground level. This extra long stainless steel cultivator is good for light digging and cultivating the soil. The added length is helpful for reaching to the back of beds for people who are sitting down or can't bend easily due to arthritis.

Most gardeners will find the Peta Arm Support Cuff very beneficial when using the long reach cultivator. The arm support cuff is in two parts - a round cuff and a connector, which plugs into the back of all Peta's Easi-Grip tools and add-on handles. The cuff prevents dropping the tool if gripping is lost, and makes the tool more comfortable during use.

Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Cultivator measures 32 inches long and weighs 18 oz.

Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Cultivator Specifications:

  • Length: 32 inches.
  • Weight: 18 oz.


Bosse Tools Ergonomic Garden Shovel

To see a great video about the Bosse Shovel with the specially designed handle please see it here

The Bosse Tools Ergonomic Garden Shovel was specifically designed to promote better posture while making shoveling easier for you.

Bosse designed the handle with a rotating center grip so that your hands will be positioned better.

This center grip is patented and known as a Handle-It.

The Handle-It adjusts to 16 unique positions which set every 22.5 degrees..

The shaft is 51.25 inches long, 9 inches wide, 3.6 inches high, 1.25-inch fiberglass shaft.

This is a round point garden shovel and is not a prying tool.

Prying with in excess of 100 pounds of force will break the grip's aluminum by putting excessive stress on it.

The head of the shovel is 9 inches wide.

This shovel weighs 5.5 pounds and is made from heavy-duty 16 gauge tempered steel head, fiberglass shaft.

Country of manufacture is the USA.



Dramm 30 inch Touch N' Flow Pro Watering Wand

The Dramm 30 inch Touch N' Flow Pro Watering Wand is a watering wand made in the USA.

It has an ergonomic foam-gripped handle and a lever activated the valve.

The nozzle is made from high impact ABS plastic and aluminum and can deliver up to 11 gallons per second.

This rate of flow is at a level that will not cause damage to plants.

Your water consumption will be controlled by you as you will be able to turn it on and off with the lever activated control.

Check What Colors Are Available When Ordering



Bionic Relief Grip Garden Gloves

Bionic Relief Grip Garden Gloves are available for either men or women so in other words there is a pair for everyone.

They are different products but we will review both of them in the one review as they are both very similar.

This video explains the glove better than I can with words. To watch Please Click Here.

The design of these gloves will you with your gardening hence you will not be in as much pain and be able to garden longer.

They are lightweight and made of leather, silicone, and spandex.

The care instructions say hand or machine wash with mild detergent, no bleach, air dry.

For Measuring Your Size

To determine the Bionic glove size, measure the circumference around the dominant hand with a tape measure at the base of the fingers. Determine the length of the hand by measuring from the first wrist crease, closest to the palm, to the end of the longest finger. If the circumference is larger than the length, order a size up to ensure a better fit.

When ordering please click on the photo and you will see the sizes that are available.





Hand-Digger 2 Hand Shovel


The Hand Digger 2 Hand Shovel is a converted garden trowel.

It is innovative, ergonomic and multipurpose.

You will find this tool was designed to prevent stress on the hands and wrists so you will feel less pain.

You can dig, scrape, transplant and spread with this tool.

It's made in Sweden and one size fits all.




Summary of our Reviews of Adaptive Gardening Tools for The Disabled.

I thank you for reading our reviews and trust that you have had your eyes opened as to what is available so that you can enjoy gardening to a fuller extent.

These are only some of the adaptive tools for the disabled that you can get.

We will have another post on this site with others hence you will be able to see more of these fabulous tools..

You will find we have placed images under each review for you to either order from or if you want more details that also is available there by clicking on the image.

If you would like to read other articles on this site that may be of interest we have listed some below.






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