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aids for arthritic hands

Aids for Arthritic Hands – Do You Suffer from Arthritis ?

Aids for Arthritic Hands – Do You Suffer From Arthritis?

Hand of an old woman, close-up , suffering arthritis.

Read on to find out what aids for arthritic hands are available.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find out just how inexpensive most of these products are as well as how easy they are to obtain.

We will link this article to another that will show you both ther cost and where to get these aids from.

Firstly it is important that you know what is arthritis so that you are fully aware of the condition..

A full understanding can be found on this site. Just click here to read it in it’s entirety.

Arthritis is very common.

There are many forms of arthritis but not everyone is aware that when combined with related conditions there are over 100 different types.

Anyone, no matter their age, can suffer arthritis, which is a good reason for reading the above.

The reduced movement that an arthritis sufferer experiences is the reason for this article.

Other symptoms are swelling and joint pain and stiffness hence the lack of motion.

The above is only a very small precis of the article which can be seen on the above link.

You will find that many aids are available to help you with your daily living chores so please read on to find out how you will be able to make your life easier by using aids for arthritic hands.

We will begin with disability aids for the kitchen.

Food preparation can be a major hurdle to overcome.

You can also refer to this article for further information of what you can get in this area.

Disability Aids for the Kitchen

Cutting Board

The first item we will talk about is a cutting board.

You can get a cutting board that is designed with the disabled and elderly in mind which means it will be easier to  cut up your salads and vegetables.

These will often have suction devices on each corner meaning it will not move around on the kitchen bench.

Some can have spikes attached to the board so that the item being cut is held firmly in place.

You can see how this type of board will be beneficial for you.

Jar, Can and Bottle Openers

There are many different can, bottle and jar openers available that are designed as aids for arthritic hands and this means that you have a wide choice when shopping for these items.

You will find that most of these are dishwasher safe so no hand washing up needed.

The first can opener is a ring pull opener.

It is quite easy to use by simply inserting the hook into the ring and pulling it back to open the can.

There are jar openers that will release the seal on the jar which will then enable the item to easily open the jar.

There is another jar opener that you adjust the size until both grips are in contact with the lid and then simply and easily turn the handle and use of this type will mean that different size jars can be easily opened.

Everyone enjoys the contents of a cold bottle of soda or something a little stronger on occasion hence the need to cover this type of bottle opener.

I personally use one of these fantastic products.

You will find many bottle openers are available.

All these aids are inexpensive.


Corkscrews for Arthritic hands include both manual and powered models so you have a choice.

Obviously, using a powered model will be of no effort on your part.

The manual models can take a bit more effort but could be better than the powered.

It will come down to personal choice.

Cutlery for Arthritic Hands

A lot of cutlery can be found for your situation.

This means that your choice is quite wide so you will not be forced to take something that doesn’t suit your tastes.

Cutlery usually can be found with large chunky handles hence easier to handle.

You will find suitable spoons can be bought individually.

Some of these can have a wrist strap for better control.

Also specialist knives such as a rocker knife.


Plates can be bought for people who are experiencing difficulties when eating.

They have larger lips and sides with a curved wall.

This helps to guide the food onto the cutlery.

They also feature a non skid base which means a more stable surface.

This can prevent spills so less mess.

There is also available a clip on food guard which also prevents spilling.

Gardening Tools for Arthritic Hands

You can get many items in this area which means that you won’t have to give up gardening.

Some of the items for your situation are:

  • Long handled weeding tool
  • Easy Grip Tool Sets
  • Pruning Shears
  • Water Wands
  • Weeders of varying lengths
  • Trowels
  • Garden Forks
  • Garden Shovels
  • Hand Diggers
  • Weed Pullers

Don’t forget to get suitable gardening gloves.

Also kneeling pads either as a knee brace on or a kneeling pad to make sure you are comfortable when gardening.

You can get a kneeling seat pad.

With this product use it as a seat when you need to rest or turn it over to use the other side as a kneeling pad.

The beauty of this compared to only a kneeling pad is that you will also have a handle on either side to assist you in standing up.

Other Items for Use around the Home

Have you ever thought of a computer mouse for arthritic hands?

The mouse manufacturers do make them for your situation.

As with a lot of other mouse products it is ergonomical.

It keeps you hand and wrist at an angle that is conducive to less wrist and hand pain.

It is also known as a vertical mouse.

Believe it or not you can also get a heated mouse.

This item is designed for people with arthritis.

You can also look at an ergonomic computer keyboard wrist support.

Made of memory foam it will support your wrist and hands.

You can find that these supports come with a non slip back so you can rely on it to provide continuing support.

Getting an ergonomic keyboard can also be of benefit to you.

These keyboards will support your wrist.

Pill Crushers and Pill Mills are available to help you with your medications.

Button Hook to help you when dressing.

You will notice that these button hooks make it easier when dressing by pulling your buttons through button holes.

You can find many other aids for arthritic hands hence you need not suffer in silence any longer.

We thank you for your interest in this article and refer you to some other posts that you may also find interesting.








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