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AirKing 9166 20” Whole House Window Fan Review

AirKing 9166 20 Whole House Window Fan Review

If you are on a tight budget this summer, buying a window fan is the way to go if you want to cool off without using air conditioning. However, which budget window fan should you get if you want to cool down your entire home? Look no further because the AirKing 9166 20” Whole House Window Fan is the window fan you should get!


Cooling your home or office will never be the same again with this whole-house window fan from AirKing. This window fan has a very powerful motor compared to most other window fans. Here are the AirKing 9166 20” Whole House Window Fan’s features:

  • This fan can fit any window measuring from 27” to 38” wide and 26.25” tall.
  • It is made from high-quality impact-resistant plastic with a powder-coated steel blade and grills for guaranteed durability and long-lasting use.
  • This window fan comes with a 3-speed (low, medium, high), 1-phase motor with 1/6 horsepower.
  • This window fan has also passed the AMCA, which means it should offer high-velocity air circulation without any problems with its maintenance.
  • The motor also has a permanent split capacitor and permanently lubricated to make it even more low maintenance.
  • The fan comes with a front-mounted rotary control that controls the speed of the fan and a 7-foot long power cord.
  • Both the OSHA and ETL have approved the designs of this fan, guaranteeing that using this fan is safe to use.
  • Each window fan comes with a 1-year limited warranty to ensure it can be returned in case of defects.
  • The fan comes assembled upon being bought, as well as Storm Guard Sliding Panels, installation instructions and mounting parts.


If you want a budget whole-house window fan that you can use in your home and work, the AirKing 9166 20” Whole House Window Fan fits the bill. However, what’s it like when you have it set up in your home? Check out the pros and cons of this window fan right below.


Users will definitely enjoy the many features this AirKing possesses. First of all, the fan is built for heavy-duty use thanks to the materials used to construct it. It will also fit regular windows without any worries and works perfectly in large or small homes.

The air movement generated by the fan is capable of reducing indoor temperatures in as little as 5 minutes from the moment it is turned on. As a result, it guarantees that users will be able to save money on electric bills and use air conditioning less.

Users may also be surprised that even the lowest setting of this window fan can cool down a room without any problems. The noise this fan makes, especially in higher settings, is not unbearable.

The motor’s speed and air circulation capacity guarantees that it can withstand consistent usage, even without pauses. The settings for this electric fan are quite straightforward and can easily be navigated without having to reach in the back of the unit.


Unfortunately, the AirKing does come with some setbacks that you may need to consider.  Installing the fan can be a bit of a nightmare due to the size and weight of the fan and the mounting instructions. Users will be required to seek the assistance of two or more people to get the fans mounted properly.

Since some parts of the fan are made from plastic, they can become weakened if the motor works on overdrive. As far as the noise level is concerned, some people may find it slightly loud and annoying, especially if the fan is turned to full power.

Bottom Line

AirKing has been manufacturing high-quality industrial and commercial-grade products for years. With the AirKing 9166 20” Whole House Window Fan, users can rest assured their window fan will last a long time and its performance will not wane even if it is used throughout the day without stopping.

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