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Are window fans effective?

Are window fans effective

Summer has always been a dreaded season for some people due to the heat it entails and the fact it can cost a lot of money just to cool down. Some people would eat ice cream to cool off, while others would go to pools or malls.

For those who do not wish to leave their homes, air conditioning units are the way to go because they can cool rooms faster than fans and other cooling appliances. However, once the electric bills come, you might regret using an air conditioning.

As a result, many are trying to find alternatives which are not just cheaper to use, but also capable of cooling the house like an air conditioning unit.

One of the best known alternatives for cooling a home is the electric fan. Window fans in particular are recommended for cooling down homes.

Why is it effective?

  • Electric window fans can eliminate the warm air inside the house while bringing in cool air in the home.
  • It reduces the necessity for air conditioning because window fans can circulate cold air throughout the house and remove warm air faster.
  • Window fans are incredibly cheap and even the smallest unit, once installed correctly, can cool a room without the need to purchase an air conditioning unit.
  • Each type of window fan poses several advantages which makes them effective at cooling the home:
    • Reversible window fans can exhaust both indoor and outdoor air and bring in fresh air without having to open the fan to get the cycle to work. They are also very powerful and can get air circulate air in two to three rooms thanks to their reversible fan motors.
    • Twin window fans are adjustable in terms of how well they fit the window and how the fans work. Some fans are capable of adjusting one of the fans for exhausting while the other brings in fresh air. Some fan models even allow their fans to act both as an exhaust and a fan.
    • Whole window fans are cheap but capable of cooling the home as they draw cool air from any open windows and remove the hot air through the attic windows.

Unfortunately, there are instances where window fans are not as effective as they appear.

Here are the reasons why a window fan might not be an effective product to cool your home:

  • Window fans cannot cool a room when the air outside your home is hot. As a result, the fan may bring in warmer air to the house and cause the house to get even hotter. The air it also produces can become warm if it is left under the sun for a long period of time.
  • You may also not be able to use it in rain showers which can bring in colder air. While it is raining, the water can come through the window and create damage in the home.
  • Window fans also have the capacity to increase humidity inside the house, especially if you live in a high-humidity region. As the window fan cools the home with the help of cooler air from outside the house, it does nothing to reduce the humidity in the home. Higher humidity triggers warping and cracks in furniture, as well as mold problems.
  • It is not a very efficient cooling appliance if you live in very noisy or high crime areas as the window where it is installed can be compromised.
  • The cold temperatures produced by window fans cannot go lower than 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day unlike air conditioning units. However, expensive window fans do come with temperature control features which can help users adjust the temperatures slightly.
  • They are not very effective as fans for homes because they tend to be very noisy, especially if you want the fan to cool your home at night or use higher fan speeds. There are some brands which promise quiet window fans designed for the living room or bedroom, but they can be pricy or difficult to find.
  • In order to get the most benefit from window fans, it is best to purchase several units to cover the entire house and some of them should be converted into exhaust fans.
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