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bath brushes for disabled

Bath Brushes for Disabled- Make Life Easier for Yourself

Bath Brushes for Disabled

When thinking about bath brushes for disabled people it’s understandable life’s easier if you use one of these items.

Bathing is the act of washing your body with soap or a shower gel and water.

To find out all about bathing please refer to this article on Wikipedia.

To find out about bathing aids that are available we refer you to http://thebesthomeaid.com/bathroom-shower-chairs-for-the-elderly/    and   http://thebesthomeaid.com/equipment-for-elderly-care-at-home/

Bath brushes are very affordable.

They are readily available.

You will find that they are long lasting because they are very well made.

What is A Bath Brush

A bath brush has most often a long handle.

Some have bristles while others have a silicone end.

The ones with a silicone end are made this way because they do not produce bacteria.

When you use one with bristles you will find that these find it more difficult to remove bacteria.

You can find silicone ones easy to buy online.

They are generally made with a long handle.

Some do however have shorter handles.

The long handled one is the type you will probably need because it is easier to clean hard to reach areas.

You can see this in the image at the top of this post on the right.

A shorter handled type is on the image to the right.

Massage brushes are also a good tool for you to use when bathing.

These are used to massage your body.

They can sometimes have a loop that your hand goes through.

Or they may simply be just a round brush.

We have posted an image to the right.

One of these has a wood handle while the other is simple a round item.


Why is Bathing Important

Several Dermatologists tell us that we bathe too often and may only need to bathe three times a week.

It should be noted though that if we are sweaty or hot or dirty then we do need to clean the body.

It really makes no difference if we bathe in the morning or at night.

Bathing around an hour and a half prior to going to bed will cool the body hence making for a better sleep.

Another thing to think about ios to shampoo every third day but condition your hair daily.

When you have a cold shower it keeps skin and hair healthy while hot water dries out the skin.

Thank you for reading this short article.

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