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Bathroom Shower Chairs for The Elderly

Bathroom Shower Chairs for The Elderly

Bathroom Shower Chairs for The Elderly


Bathroom Shower Chairs for The Elderly or Shower Stool for the Elderly is what this article will be looking at.

I was thinking to myself why do the elderly need a shower stool?

This meant I would do research on the topic and let you know what I had found out.

You can find a more indepth look at this later in the article.

This article will also cover the common and some unique types of shower chairs for the elderly.

Things that you will need to think about before you buy a shower chair.

If you visit the site in this link you will find out about one of the types of shower chairs for the elderly.

Why Do Seniors Need to Use a Shower Chair

My research showed me that:

“As we age our muscles may lose strength and flexibility.

This means that coordination, stability  and balance may deteriorate” Source https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/healthy-aging/in-depth/aging/art-20046070

Are you noticing your balance, stability or coordination getting worse?

Therefore we are more likely to suffer falls.

Wet surfaces of the shower can become slippery, if there has been no anti slip coating applied to it.

Falls, in the shower, can be very damaging to your bones or even fatal.

The danger, of slipping in the shower, can be lessened by the use of a shower chair when showering.

This means that the use of a shower chair when you shower may protect you against this danger.

Types of Bathroom Chairs for the Elderly

We have found out that there are different types of shower chairs.


  1. A Chair for placing in your shower for you to sit on.
  2. Stools so that you can be safe in the shower
  3. Shower Bench – This is a longer product for the shower
  4. Transfer Bench which will make it easier for you to get in and out of a shower or bathtub if you are disabled or simply cannot walk in to the shower.

A  shower chair looks like a traditional chair.

Some chairs are made with arms while others are made with no arms.

Shower stools are stools that are used in the shower.

The shower bench is longer than both the chair and stool.

Shower benches are usually backless.

A transfer bench is used if a person has a disability that stops them being able to get into the shower or bath easily.

Things that you will need to think about before you buy a shower chair.

You will need to consider the following before buying any of the above.

Does whatever you decide to buy fit into the area where you are intending to use it.

Can the product you are buying support you. This means is it rated at a suitable weight bearing capacity.

Look to make sure that the product can drain water or that you can see that water will not pool on it.

Is it manufactured from a suitable material which means it will not rust.

Will it be stable enough for you.

Is the height be able to be adjusted.


I trust that by reading this article you have been able to get a better understanding of  Bathroom Shower Chairs for The Elderly.


Also that you now understand as to why you should be using one of these products.


I thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to read this far.


You can see more information on Mobility Devices I refer you to this article.







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