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Best Senior Living- My Experience

Best Senior Living My Experience

As far as I can tell,  what I am currently experiencing is almost heaven on earth.

I moved to a retirement village or community just over a year ago after losing my wife 12 months earlier.

I moved into a 2 bedroom independent living unit with my cat Mac.

My children and their families live close by and pop in to visit from time to time.

It was the best move I could have made.

Everyday is filled with laughter, plenty of talking about things that are mainly inconsequential and most of us don’t remember anyway.

There are sad times of course when another resident passes away or becomes very ill.

There are generally not enough hours in a day to do everything I want to do which means that we are kept busy although it is what you make it.

We have over 700 residents in our village so obviously I don’t know all of them.

One thing I do know is that I haven’t met anyone here I don’t like.

It is up to each resident to decide what they want to do if they decide to enjoy the activities provided then that is up to them.

Simply each resident can do as they wish.

If they wish to stay in their unit all day that is their decision.

The activities here are many and varied with special events organized by the staff for those who wish to participate.

Many of the activities are actually organized by the residents themselves based on individual interests they enjoyed before moving here.

Our Facilities

We have a great range of facilities here.

Everything from a Restaurant, a Hairdresser, a Medical Center, a Drug Store and of course a cash machine.

The restaurant is pictured below.

There is a full gardening department as well as a maintenance department to look after our many needs and keep the village in pristine condition.

No more gardening or fixing things that go wrong. Truly blissful.

We have access to the on site nurses, cleaners and other staff who attend to all our needs.

The staff in this village are truly wonderful people.

A gym is also here should you wish to use it however you need to be checked over and become qualified before you can make use of it. This is because of safety reasons.

Our village is located on 64 acres and has many wonderful walking areas that are safe to use.

Most of these areas are in very leafy areas of the village. It is extremely peaceful and enjoyable to walk in these areas.

We have 2 further levels of care, should we need it, where care is provided for our later years and as our health deteriorates.

There is also a village newsletter produced every week and all residents get a copy delivered to their mail box.

If a resident is in need of transport around the village there is a service provided on a volunteer basis by other residents who drive several golf carts, owned by the company, around taking them to and from appointments etc.

There is a village bus that on 5 days a week takes residents to different shopping centers to get their groceries etc.

There is security on site which means that you feel secure living here. Another great plus.

You can also access a few channels of movies at no cost. This is provided by the company that owns the village.

Probably one of the favorite facilities are the 3 swimming pools. One is heated.

Near one of the pools is the tennis court, barbecue facilities and covered tables and chairs.

I should add I am approaching 70.


All residents can join in any of the activities that interest them.

This means that they don’t necessarily miss out on the things they did before moving here.

Naturally some activities are aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of older folk.

This leads to better health and posture. Keeps everything moving as was intended when we were born.

These include balancing classes, lifestyle exercises, aqua aerobics and chair yoga.

Other sporting activities include indoor and outdoor bowls, croquet, darts, billiards, table tennis and archery.

You can play cards both bridge and 500.

As well as all f this there is an area adjacent to the restaurant that has a coffee machine.

Free coffee and tea and it is an area frequented by residents where they can sit in comfort and socialise with others.

We have people coming along and giving lectures.

The last one that I went to was all about strokes and I learned a lot at this talk.

There are church services on a weekly basis.

You can attend a meditation group, a book reading group, singing and music groups a gem club, a men’s group and knitting and craft groups.

The resident’s association subsidizes concerts on a regular basis where for $5 you get a couple of hours entertainment by excellent performers as well as afternoon tea.

They also have regular bus trips to nearby tourist areas and country towns.

One of the popular trips is to see the Christmas lights at a large provincial town.

On a Friday afternoon we have a village bar that is open for about 2 hours.

In the restaurant about every 6 weeks there is a themed night.

The last one was a Rock and Roll night.

Even though I didn’t make it there I did hear reports of how amazing it was.

These events are always well attended.

I am sure that I have missed things here but why not live in a place like this.

You will always find something to do without having any pressure to do anything in particular..


Socialising is important to people as we get older.

This is something that I do a lot of.

I try to say hello to everyone I pass and if possible have a conversation with them. These can sometimes be short or on the other hand quite long.

The area where I live consists of 17 residences.

When you go to the mailboxes, which is about 30 yards away from my unit, if there are other residents sitting there it can take quite some time to get home again.

I think the record is just over 3 hours.

Most times you only have to pop out of your unit to get engaged in a conversation with someone.

Also when you are on a walk around the village this can be another time that this happens.

No need to feel lonely.

Most of the time you forget the name of a lot of residents but they have forgotten yours as well and it doesn’t matter.

My Major Achievement Here

I have had the good fortune to be able to foster an excellent relationship with a lovely lady since moving here.

Neither of us were looking for this it just happened.

She was out walking one day and we got talking.

I invited her for a cup of coffee and as they say the rest is history.

We had lost our respective spouses about the same time.

When we met something just clicked and now I look forward to seeing this amazing lady everyday.

We have both met the other’s family and I don’t believe there are any problems in that area.

Both of us are very happy and continue living independently in our own unit.

What Are the Downsides

When moving from a family home to a place such as this you have to be prepared to downsize.

I was prepared for this, as about 20 years previously, I had sold units in a retirement community. It was the most enjoyable and the best job I ever had.

Communicating with the residents on a daily basis and even occasionally joining in with them in some of their activities.

Being able to help them, not medically, with little things they needed to be done.

I downsized the furniture,so that wasn’t a problem, but I didn’t downsize the little things you collect over a lifetime.

I have been slowly getting rid of things but both my children are now telling me that I have already filled up their houses and they don’t want anymore.

My next thing is to get rid of a lot of pots and pans as well as baking trays.

I have to go through these and be brutal in what I keep and what goes.

Tupperware – I gave the majority of this to my daughter and kept some for myself.

Now I seem to have a lot of containers but no lids.

I don’t really cook only heat up frozen meals so I don’t really need any of these and if I get rid of them now then that saves them a job after I’m gone.

It can get lonely at night when you are by yourself. Always looking for someone to share common interests with.

I sit up for hours at night and always find something to do.


I am of the opinion, that this is the place where I will spend the rest of my life, and it is a truly great place and if you are looking at a retirement community you could certainly do a lot worse.

Some people call these places as “Waiting for God” but I think it is as close as I can get to heaven on earth.

Every day I wake up and wonder what awesome thing will happen for me today.

Definitely for me best senior living I can find.

All you have to do is go with the flow and enjoy life.

Thank you for reading this post I hope you enjoyed it.

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