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Brain Activity Ideas for Seniors

Brain Activity Ideas for Seniors

We all require to look at Brain Ideas for Seniors as we age so that we know what we will need to do to remain mentally healthy.

As I have aged I always thought how do I stay mentally sharp?

This led me to doing some research on the computer where I searched How do I stay Mentally Alert as I age.

So how does one remain mentally alert as we age.

The first answer amazed me as I did not expect it to be anywhere in any result.

It simply stated Exercise.

You may enjoy on my article here about walking.

Why Does Exercise Help Your Mental Health

We know about exercising for physical health but now to be told to exercise for mental health was certainly a surprise.

What exercise does is essentially reduce stress along with reducing the symptoms associated with Depression and Anxiety.

Get in the habit of a daily walk for around 30 minutes or longer.

We all have the time at our age so there is no excuse not to do it.

It promotes better sleep. This I can certainly endorse.

Your self esteem will also get a boost.

I must admit that even though I am a recently converted senior to exercising I was not previously aware just how good it would be for my mental stimulation.

But this wasn’t all I found out.

Your Diet

Your diet plays an important role in mental health.

Studies have found that eating fast foods can have a negative affect on mental health

They also contribute to diabetes and obesity.

For more information read this article on Fast Food found on Wikipedia.

Another article worth reading comes from Harvard Health Publishing Harvard Medical School.

By reading the informative article above you will gain a lot of knowledge and be more informed from a reliable source.

You need to eat sensibly the foods that contain Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals.

Remember the days of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Include fish, whole grains, nuts and avocados.

Only have the sweet and fatty foods as an occasional treat.

Here is a brain activity for you to do.

If you enjoy a morning coffee I believe that it is good for your brain but please don’t believe me research it for yourself on your favorite browser.

Now that was easy wasn’t it?

Did you manage to stop on the one search or find other interesting things to search as well.

If you are like me you probably didn’t get back here for quite a while.

Brain Games

Play brain games.

Do crosswords and sudoku.

Play cards with friends. This has a side benefit of socializing.

Socializing is also very beneficial to your mental condition.

Some great card games include Contract Bridge, Five Hundred and Canasta.

Yahtzee and Connect Four are some other games you can play.

Doing Jigsaw Puzzles is another good brain stimulation activity.

Engage In Stimulating Conversation

By engaging in conversation you are actually stimulating brain activity.

For a very lengthy article about this please read this article published in 2014 on The Conversation.

Learn Something New

Learning anything new is a great way to increase your knowledge as well as stimulate your brain activity.

You may learn:

  • a new hobby
  • some new craft
  • Something new at Cooking
  • How to Repair Items that have been broken for some time (there is so much information on You Tube)
  • Do a photography course
  • Learn Painting

There are many more things you can learn just think of something that either you have wanted to do for a long time or something that could be aligned to your current hobbies or crafts.

Set Goals for Yourself

By setting yourself goals your self esteem will be greatly improved as you reach steps along the way.

Remember when setting goals to make them achievable and measurable. This will mean that you will be able to recognize when you achieve them.

Should you have set unrealistic goals this will have a negative affect on your self esteem as you will never have any chance of achieving them.

I have been in the habit of setting goals since I left school.

You can set short term goals, medium term goals and long term goals.

The way I like to explain these goals is to think of an airline pilot.

His short term goal Could be to take the airplane off the runway successfully.

The medium term goal to fly the airplane to it’s destination.

And the long term goal To land the airplane successfully at the destination airport.

This is a very simple explanation of the different types of goals but it may help you when setting your own.


This is possibility something that is not thought of very often however I have personally found it to be very beneficial.

I pray every night.

It calms me down and allows me a better night’s sleep.

The main benefit I get, apart from the sleep, is to not suffer stress therefore getting better mental health.


This does not necessarily mean long trips.

Even just jumping on a bus you haven’t ridden before and look at the new sights in your own neighbourhood you haven’t seen before.

If you can afford a holiday all the better.

Go to a new destination and learn all about the places you visit.

Ask questions and just learn.

You will return home refreshed and stimulated.

Here is another article from Harvard Health Publishing Harvard Medical School you may find interesting to read.

It is titled 7 ways to keep your memory sharp at any age.

Use The Internet

The internet can be a wonderful place if you use it correctly.

I personally love listening to music on You Tube.

Also it is a tremendous place to learn new skills.

You can enroll in online activities including courses on most subjects.

If it is interesting to you just search and something will have been written about it.

I have found making these websites to be beneficial to my brain power over the years.

People often ask me my hobby and I tell them making websites but, that, I do it to learn new information about many subjects and to keep the brain active.

I spend way too much time on the internet but find it relaxing and rewarding. (Not in a financial way)

You can also find many free brain games there.


Reading is another activity.

It will stimulate the brain by either learning new things or simply remembering who all the characters are in a work of fiction.

Turn into an ameuter slueth by trying to work out the villains in crime books can be interesting.

Read about your favorite hobbies or crafts as well as other interests.

The number of people I meet in our retirement community who thoroughly enjoyed gardening while still in their own home are always researching various plants in our local library or on the internet.


I have left laughter til the end of this article.

Remember the saying Laughter is the best medicine.

Well it’s very true.

To get the information about why it is good for you I do encourage you to read this article on The Help Guide.org . It is titled Laughter Is The Best Medicine The Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter.

I once took part in a laughing session and still believe it was one of the best things I did in my lifetime.


I hope that you have got a lot out of this article.

I know that researching this topic has made me more aware of diet and exercise.

Thank you for your interest.

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