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Will a window fan cool a room?

Will a window fan cool a room

Cooling rooms in the summer can be troublesome at times because it often requires a lot of money to operate air conditioning units. Sometimes, air conditioning units can be very expensive to replace and as such, it is crucial that a backup plan is in place to ensure your home won’t get too hot. One […]

Are window fans effective?

Are window fans effective

Summer has always been a dreaded season for some people due to the heat it entails and the fact it can cost a lot of money just to cool down. Some people would eat ice cream to cool off, while others would go to pools or malls. For those who do not wish to leave […]

How does a window fan work?

How does a window fan work

Electric fans are often the preferred alternative to air conditioning units because they are cheaper to use and can cool down rooms quickly. However, like most appliances in the market today, the electric fan comes in various types with different features. In the case of electric fans, one of the types that often has people […]

How to install a window fan

How to install a window fan

Installing window fans may sound simple at first but it can actually be quite difficult to install one at home depending on the type of home you have. There are many considerations to take into account when choosing a window fan and if they are not considered, installing the unit and using it may not […]

How to use a window fan

How to use a window fan

Every summer, people use air conditioners to cool down their homes because they work faster than electric fans and other cooling alternatives. However, they are very expensive to use continuously and too much use can wear out the parts of the unit in the long run. In order to save money, electric fans are the […]

Are window fans good?

Are window fans good

When trying to find ways to cool down the home in hot summer days or just regular hot days but have no budget to keep using air conditioning, electric fans are the next best thing. However, not all electric fans are capable of fully cooling a room and to get past this problem, window fans […]

How to Clean a Window Fan

How to Clean a Window Fan

A window fan can lower the temperature in your room, making it more comfortable.  It is like a low-cost alternative to an AC unit, and it should work well for the most part.  However, you will only get optimum results if you clean the fan regularly. Here is a guide explaining what you have to […]

What is a Window Fan?

What is a Window Fan

Is the heat making you uncomfortable? Then you may want to install a window fan to bring down the temperature and make you feel a little more comfortable. There are lots of window fans sold today, which is testament to the number of people using them. But what exactly are window fans and how do […]