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Comfort Zone CZ319WT Portable Twin Window Fan Review

Comfort Zone CZ319WT Portable Twin Window Fan Review

Window fans come in various shapes and sizes and are designed to be used in different places. However, if you want a window fan that has quite a lot of power and can fit in any window size, you should consider the Comfort Zone CZ319WT Portable Twin Window Fan.


Want a window fan that is cheap, powerful and flexible at the same time? Comfort Zone has you covered with their one-of-a-kind window fan. Made from imported materials and designed to fit anywhere, this is the window fan to buy for homes everywhere. Check out the features of the Comfort Zone CZ319WT Portable Twin Window Fan below:

  • This window fan can fit most windows thanks to its universal design.
  • If you need the fan to be snug in your window frame, this fan comes with accordion expanders to make up for the gaps on each side.
  • This window fan also comes with plastic enclosures with UV materials in them to ensure the machine will not age easily throughout its use.
  • Users have the choice of two speed options with this fan which can be controlled using the switch in the unit itself.


Looking at the features of the Comfort Zone CZ319WT Portable Twin Window Fan showcases how brilliant a machine it is. However, can it deliver its promises? To find out, here are the pros and cons of this window fan for your consideration.


There are many good points with this Comfort Zone window fan that you will appreciate when you turn the machine on for the first time. First of all, it makes installation easier because it does not require extra assembly.

When you turn the fan on with the low speed setting, you might find yourself second-guessing if it is on because it is very quiet. If you want to keep this fan permanently installed, you will receive a cover for it when you purchase it.

Once it is installed, all the gaps are well-hidden thanks to the plastic enclosure that ensures it is snug in place and protects the fan from aging. The window fan also works well as an exhaust fan thanks to its unique setup and you simply have to turn it around to transform it into an exhaust fan.

The fan’s motor is also quite good and it can distribute air faster regardless of the speed of the window fan.


There are some points that must be considered before you purchase this window fan. First of all, the fan’s components are made from plastic so you may need to be careful when you install it, especially with the accordion expanders. If something happens to any part of the window fan, you may find it difficult to replace its parts.

If you want to install this window fan in a casement window or install it in a vertical setting, you may find it difficult to balance the fan compared to if you set it up horizontally due to the design of the fan itself.

Unfortunately, this fan is also not recommended to be installed in areas which need silence such as living rooms or bedrooms because if you turn this to a high setting it can get very loud and the sound it makes doesn’t go away easily.

You also need to buy a screen that will ensure insects and other objects won’t be brought into your home by accident. The one included in the set is not as big as the window, so you need to purchase a larger one that would fit the window fan.

If the screen included in the set is used, you might find it difficult to cover the control dial and as a result, insects and other things can get in your home even if you have a screen installed.

Bottom Line

When purchasing an appliance for your home, it is important that it can accommodate your home’s settings and not cause you to modify anything in your home just to get it installed.

With the Comfort Zone CZ319WT Portable Twin Window Fan, you will get a window fan that won’t require too much effort to install and deliver cool air for your home easily once it is installed.

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