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Dressing Aids for People With Disabilities

Dressing Aids for People With Disabilities

There are many dressing aids for people with disabilities on the market.

People with disabilities have special needs

These are generally very affordable and can be fit into most budgets.

They cover a large range of areas of dressing and in this article we will be discussing those that relate to Shoes and Socks, Clothing, Belts and Jewelry.

All the items are designed to allow the disabled or even elderly person to retain the dignity of being able to dress themselves.

This is very important to how the disabled or elderly person regards themselves.

You may like to check this article on disabilities in general.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_disability

Shoes and Socks




The first item we will discuss is a molded sock aid with one handle.

This product is designed to be used with one hand only.

It has a soft foam handle. This ensures that you have a very comfortable grip.

The design makes sure that the sock is kept open so that easier to use the device.

It is ideal for people who suffer pain or limited motion.

Other devices hold the sock open over a frame and then you simply put your foot into the opening which is quite wide.

There are other products available in this area.


We now move onto shoes.

She Horns

I believe that the majority of people have heard of shoe horns.

This is an area that I am all too familiar with.

I used to use a short shoe horn but now because of my back pain I have progressed to a long handled one.

I have come across a long handled shoe horn that is combined with a sock remover.

This device looks most interesting and very effective.

I think this is a most ingenious invention.

This item can be particular beneficial for people with weak hands.

The shoe horn is 28″ long.

It has a rotating end so that one way it is used as a shoe horn while the other way it is used to push your socks off.

It is easily put together as due to its design. This item comes in 2 pieces.

There is this item as well as a conventional long handled shoe horn for you to choose from.

Some shoe horns are telescopic which means that they are fully adjustable. This makes for very easy storage.



Shoe Laces

For shoes, you can get elastic shoe laces as well as magnetic shoe closures.

Elastic shoe laces are a great addition to your shoes.

These allow you to either put your shoes on or take them off without untying the laces.

Also there is no need for you to bend over.

Your lace up shoes virtually turn into slip on shoes.

They have the appearance of regular laces and are available in a variety of colors.

The magnetic shoe closers are specifically designed to help people who experience difficulty with shoe laces.

They make the shoe open wider when you are putting the shoe on.

Users have found that they can now put their shoes on with one hand.

They come in black, brown and white although other colors are available on request.




There are various items to assist you with dressing.

There are 2 main areas that these items over.

They are :-

  • Button Aids
  • Zipper Aids

You can get these either as an individual item or as an item that encompasses both units in one.

They are usually one at each end of a pull handle.

Button Aids are designed to go through the button hole and hook around the button.

The user then pulls the button through the hole.

Zipper aids come either as a hook to pull up the zipper or can be a permanent solution as an indiscreet attachment with a ring-pull end.




Do you find it difficult to put on a belt?

No need for concern any longer.

These belts have been designed to make your life easier.

The belt attaches around the front belt loop.

You then thread the belt through the rest of the belt loops.

Then next simply secure the Velcro closure together.

This closure allows the belt to retain the correct tightness.

The belt has an attractive buckle.

They are available in black or brown and come in a variety of sizes.




These items are designed to make it easier to put your jewelry on.

The first is a bracelet aid.

Using the bracelet aid you simply hold one end while bringing the bracelet around the wrist.

It then is just matter of doing up the clasp with your free hand.

This item is very good for people who have difficulty in doing up a bracelet.

It can also double up as a button and zip aid.

You can also get this item is also available in a pack of jewelry helpers.

Included in the pack are 8 earring stabilizers, one gold and one silver adjustable necklace extenders and one gold and one silver magnetic jewelry clasps.

You are also able to get a magnetic jewelry clasp with a safety snap. These come in either gold or silver and may be used either with a bracelet or a necklace.




Thank you for reading through this article and trust that you have found out what you can get to make your life easier when you are getting dressed.

This is something that we all have to do on most days if not all days and anything to make life easier is something we all deserve.

In this article we have covered items from putting on your shoes and socks, making it easier to do up buttons and zips, special belts that you are able to put on with one hand and finally jewelry items that cover necklaces and bracelets.

We refer you to other items on this site that may be of interest to you:





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