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Elderly Life

In this article, you will become more aware of many items available for you to use in everyday life.

To remain or become more able to live independently, you can make use of many items that are available to be got some for little money.

I know, in my case, as I have got older, and advanced further into this elderly life phase of my life journey, I have lost a lot of strength, so just by buying a jar opener, it has been a great help to me.

The use of a jar opener immensely helped me with my independent living as it made my life much more comfortable in the kitchen.

You will find when reading the post that you find many things for all different areas of your home. I realize as being a fellow senior citizen, you may think this article may relate to financial matters, but it doesn’t.

As I am not qualified to either advise on financial or medical topics, I can only let you know what I have found as living an elderly life.

This is a link to Wikipedia for an article on Older Age. (I searched for Senior Citizens and got redirected to Old Age) Click Here to read

First off, though, I would like to begin with a few of my thoughts on socializing.

I do, however, want to discuss what I believe is very important in our older years, and that is socializing.


I believe that loneliness and socializing is one of the main problems that many seniors face today.

Here is my personal story.

A lovely lady was walking in the village outside my unit one bright and sunny afternoon.

I introduced myself to her, and we talked for around ten minutes.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have the time for a coffee then, so we arranged to meet later.

After waiting for a fortnight, I had all but given up on her, thinking she may be suffering dementia.

The next day there was a knock on the door, and there she was.

She called the previous week, but I was out.

One thing led to another, and we found that we got on well.

Neither of us was looking for a relationship.

Over time and many hours of talking, a relationship developed.

Both of us knew we were lonely and needed companionship.

We went cruising and accompanied each other on bus trips and enjoy each other’s company.

We both decided there won’t be a marriage because it causes too many problems for our children after we pass away.

Both of us live independently in our own units.

I believe that loneliness and socializing is one of the main problems that many seniors face today.

We have enjoyed many outings to shopping malls for a meal or coffee.

During our talks we found that we lost our spouses within about three months of each other. We both are aware we won’t replace our respective spouses.

After having met all the other’s children and grandchildren, we discovered there are no problems in this area.

We met over two years ago, and this chance meeting and the socializing with each other has made both of us delighted and contented people.

I must say when we walk arm in arm, I am the happiest man around.

To socialize it is not necessary to go to the length I did.

You only need to make the time to mix with others to socialize.

Socializing can be as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee or tea with a friend.

You will find that by being more friendly with others, you will feel better in yourself. There are many ways to be social with others, and this will be the subject of another article.

What You Will Learn on This Site about Independent Living

When looking at things that may make independent living more manageable for you, we will look individually at different areas of your home.

To do this, the various areas we will cover are:

  • Kitchen including Eating and Drinking
  • Bathroom and Toilet
  • Dining and Living Room
  • BedroomMobility
  • Garden
  • Automobile
  • Mobility

Kitchen Items for Disabled and Elderly, including Eating and Drinking Aids.

When Looking at kitchen items for the disabled you will find yourself pleasantly surprised as most of the items we mention are not as expensive as you expect.

These are genuinely kitchen items for disabled or older adults.

Whether you are the person cooking or the person eating, you can find things to help you.

Starting with Jar and Bottle Openers.

These are available in different models, from handheld to others that attach under the benchtop.

With eating, you can find adaptive plates and utensils of all shapes and sizes.

Some of the plates have guards.

These guards help keep the food on a plate.

Plates with individual sections allow food to be on the item in a particular position.

They also make it easier to get the food on to a fork or spoon.

When comparing dishes, you will find one that makes it easier to push food onto the utensils.

Many of these items to be found are suitable for not only the elderly but also are exceptional kitchen items for disabled people.

A food bumper is an item that clips on to a plate and is translucent, so the user does not see it and is another item that will help pushing food on to utensils.

Plates with an inner lip prevent food spillage.

Nonslip plates have a rubber base, so they are nonslip.

This base prevents them from moving around on a table or other surface.

Cutlery or utensils are also able to be obtained in a variety of models.

You can get handles that have different features. Some have bendable handles others have thick or weighted handles. Others have a permanent bend in them.

Some of these utensils can be bought either in a set or as an individual.

You can find something for everyone.

There are also many food preparation and cooking items if you are looking for kitchen items for disabled people.

Knives used in food preparation include:

  • Rocker Knives
  • Bread Knives
  • Meat Knives (Some with a dual edge for Carving)
  • Vegetable Knives

Some knives are contoured so that they are nonslip and have an ergonomic handle.

Carving Forks specially adapted for your use.

To help you with cooking, you can get specially designed:

Pot and Pan Holders

Salad Spinners


Cheese Slicers

Cutting Boards

Vegetable Peelers

Push / Pull Oven Tool – A long-handled tool for oven safety when dealing with hot oven racks. Very good for people living with Arthritis.


When drinking, this can be a problem for many disabled and older people.

You can get:

Drinking Straws – Some reusable

Flexible straws are available in multi-packs.

Straws are available in different lengths so that everyone can get what they need.

Straw holders are an item that clamps to the side of your cup or glass with different holes for placing the straw in.

Cup and glasses

Dysphagia Cups are cups for people who have difficulties with swallowing safely.

Cups that come with a cut out for the nose with either one or two handles.

Insulated and weighted cups.

Two-handled clear mugs.

Containers with a rotatable handle.

You can get a vast range of nonslip mats for placing under plates and mugs.

There is also a good range of measuring cups you can get.

All of these items will be the topic of other articles.

Bathroom and Toilet Aids

Are you having difficulties with bathing?

You can find items in this range of Bathroom Aids to help you.

In this section, you will find help for you for your Bath, shower, and toilet.

The things you can find in this room include: Grab Rails for safety.

It also includes Tub Bars and Hand Rails, Shower Stools, Shower Sprays Cast Covers – Protects Casts or Bandages from getting wet.

You will find Reusable Bath Mats as well as a Safety Bath Step to help with getting in and out of the Bath.

Bath Mats for Safety, Long Handle Sponge holders, Long Handle Lotion Applicators, Transfer Seats for getting in and out of the Bath.

In the toilet, there are Toilet Seat Raisers, Various Styles of toilet Rails which will Help in Getting up Safely and Long Reach Handle Toilet Wiper.

For the bathroom, Bathing Wipes, Hair Dryer Stand, and Waterproof Seat Cushion for Bath Seat, Shower Stools or Your Transfer Bench.

There are other items available under the heading of bathroom aids, but the above list covers most of what people are looking for, and we will cover these in a future article.

Dining and Living Rooms

Father and Daughter Dining Together

As with the Kitchen Area, there are the same types of eating and drinking aids.

Elderly Dining can also include eating a meal in front of the Television.

I know as that is where I eat all my meals. Dining for older people can mean either by yourself or with loved ones or friends. For this type of Dining, you can get an extensive range of tables that will go over your lap so that you will have somewhere to hold your plate and cutlery.

You will also more than likely own a good range of solid furniture you already own.

Should you have difficulty in getting up from your favorite lounge chair or recliner look at getting an electric one that will automatically stand you up.

A friend of mine bought one of these but he got the wrong one so here is a tip.

The one he bought didn’t operate in times of power failures.

Unfortunately he was using it when the power was cut so he was stuck in it until the power came back on.

Elderly Bedroom Help

Here you can get a broad range of items.

Bed Rails may prevent you from falling out of bed. These rails come in a variety of models.

Bumper pads are available and provide cushioning against the bed rails. You will find many accessories that can be conveniently located on bed rails to make your life easier.

You can also get a broad range of bedding, including waterproof bed pads and vinyl mattress covers.

Mattress Pads are available in a range of sizes.

As with Dining, over bed tables are there for eating, using a computer, or reading and other activities.

Are you having trouble dressing?

Long-handled shoe horns, button hooks, and zip holders, as well as items to assist with putting on your socks, are there for you.

For carers or children, you can get a motion sensoring alarm and paging system so you can rest easy knowing the user is safe and secure in bed. Elderly bedroom help covers some other items that will be discussed more fully in a future article.

Gardening Help for the Elderly.

Do you miss your gardening as you have been a keen gardener all your life?

I know how you feel.

All may not be lost.

There have been many tools invented over the years to provide gardening help for the elderly.

These include:

  • Kneeling Pads
  • Gardening Chairs
  • Garden Tool Holders
  • Adapted or Altered Gardening Tools
  • Handles of Different Shapes and lengths, Ergonomic Handles
  • Raised Garden Beds

After doing some gardening, you will be able to sit and enjoy the sun and admire your excellent work.

Please refer to this article for more details on Gardening

Car Accessories for Disabled Adults

There are quite a few car accessories for disabled adults, as well as senior citizens who may have problems with movement due to a variety of medical conditions.

You can get help with your sitting position in your car.

A swivel seat that is like a Lazy Susan that sits on your car seat.

You sit on it and swing your legs and body around to a comfortable position.

Another item is a handle that is simple to attach to your car door when it is open and gives you the stability to get into the car.

A seat belt reacher can help if you have trouble reaching your seat belt.

Elderly Mobility Equipment

Mobility is an issue for many of us, older folk as well as for the disabled.

I use a walking stick, a four-wheel rollator, and a mobility scooter.

They are the only way I can get around, and I truly benefit from their use.

So you ask, what can you get?

The items for Elderly Mobility Equipment often cover those needed by younger age groups.

These could be needed by younger people if they have had an accident or are recovering from some types of surgery.

These include:

  • Crutches
  • Walking Stick or Cane
  • Knee Scooter
  • Walker Rollator
  • Mobility Scooter
  • Wheelchair. Manual
  • Wheelchair Powered

It is in your interest to please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before deciding what to get.


I hope you are now aware that there are many items you can get to help you with your elderly life to make the journey more accessible and more comfortable.

You should also, be aware that these products may not be as expensive as you may think they are.

Thank you for reading this article and be aware that many others will be here in the months to come giving more details on the items we discussed in this article.

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