Gadgets for Seniors who Want to Remain Independent

Gadgets for Seniors who Want to Remain Independent

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This article about Gadgets for Seniors who Want to Remain Independent will take you on a journey of what you can expect to find is available to help you towards this goal.

You can find many gadgets, most of them at a reasonable price, which will help you live as close to an independent lifestyle as possible.

These gadgets are suitable for senior citizens as well as people with disabilities.

If you would like further information about disabilities, here is a comprehensive article published on Wikipedia.

Many of the items have been developed out of a need for an invention for a loved one.

There are gadgets in most areas of your life, and we will give you a good idea of what you can get.

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Kitchen Items for Your Home

The kitchen has many items you will find invaluable if you or a loved one is experiencing difficulties with either cooking or eating.

Preparing Food

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Here are some useful items to help with food preparation:

  • Ergonomic Knives
  • Jar and Can Openers
  • Graters Specially Designed for Disabled or Seniors
  • Potato Peeler for Disabled or Seniors
  • Colanders Various Sizes
  • Potato Masher for Disabled or Seniors
  • Cheese Slicer for Disabled or Seniors
  • Salad Spinner for Disabled or Seniors
  • Hand Clip Vegetable Peeler
  • Peeling Plate
  • Measuring Cups Various Sizes
  • Folding Pan Holder
  • Egg Slicer for Disabled or Seniors
  • Chopper for Disabled or Seniors
  • Cool Grip Microwave Tray
  • Long Push-Pull Oven Stick
  • Long Stove Knob Turner
  • Suction Based Fruit and Vegetable Holder
  • Pan Holder
  • One-Handed Canister Set

Eating Food

Below are some of the many things that will benefit if you are having difficulties with this.

  • A good and varied range of adapted eating utensils. Some with weighted handles and others with handles set at varying angles
  • Adaptive plates and bowls. Plate Guards and Suction Bottoms
  • Adult bibs and Clothing Protectors
  • Cups, Glasses, and Straws.
  • Adaptive Straws of various angles.
  • Non-skid Dinnerware Dishes
  • Anti Slip Mats

The above items will be covered individually in future posts.

Bath Aids for the Elderly

When we discuss bath aids for the elderly, this refers to all help you can get in the shower, bath, and toilet.

There are a lot more than grab rails available.

  • Special Shower for Bedridden People
  • Inflatable Bath Tub
  • No Rinse Body Wash
  • No Rinse Bathing Wipes
  • Bath and Shower Seats
  • Transfer Benches
  • Long Handled Bath Sponge
  • Long Handled Soap Holder
  • Washing Gloves
  • Long Handled Footbrush
  • Shampooing Cape
  • Pumice and Soap Inserts for The Long Handled Footbrush
  • Long Handled Back Scrubber
  • Shower Chairs with a Swivel Seat
  • Corner Shower Shelf
  • Bathtub Lift
  • Toilet Aids to help those with limited movement. (Wiping Aid)
  • Toilet Frames
  • Various Toilet Seats
  • Toilet Seat Risers
  • UpLift Commode Assists
  • Shower Stools and Benches

Bedroom Assistance Devices

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The Bedroom is another room where there are many gadgets for seniors who want to remain independent.

These items can be found not only with getting in and out of bed and sleeping securely but also with various dressing aids.

For the Bed

  • Bed Risers
  • Over the Bed Tables
  • Fall Management Safety Socks
  • Bed Rails
  • Mattress Protector
  • Blanket Support
  • Wedges for the Bed
  • Lamp Switch Turners
  • Heel Pillow
  • Heel Protector
  • Heel and Ankle Boot
  • Elbow Splint
  • Quilted Long Boots
  • Knee Separator Pillow
  • Neck Orthopaedic Pillow
  • Heel lift Suspension Boot
  • Body Aligner Pillow
  • Leg Lifter Pillow
  • Mattress Overlays
  • Bed Pads
  • Gel Cushions

Dressing Aids

  • Shoe Horns various lengths
  • Elastic Shoe Laces
  • Magnetic Shoe Fasteners
  • Zipper Pulls
  • Button Hooks
  • Sock Aids including Sock Removers
  • Special Belts
  • Bra Dressing Aid
  • Pants Dressing Tool
  • Dressing Stick – Helps when Movement is Restricted
  • Jewelry Helpers for Bracelets and Necklaces

Gardening Aids for Seniors

garden tools s

If you are like me, you probably miss gardening.

You no longer have to miss a favorite past time as there are so many things you can get to help you.

Here are some:

  • Ergonomic Garden Tools
  • Long Handled Garden Tools
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Gardening Kneelers and Seats
  • Tillers, Weeders, and Edgers all made with you in mind.
  • Long Handled Cultivators
  • The numbers and variances in these tools are almost endless.

Auto Aids for Seniors

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When we talk about auto aids for seniors, these are definitely gadgets for seniors who want to remain independent.

Personally, I don’t drive any longer but certainly wish I could.

Here are some you can get to make your traveling easier in your car:

  • A device that keeps rear seat belt buckles propped up and easy to use.
  • Thumb Control Hand Controls for those of us who can’t use their legs to brake or on the gas pedal.
  • Small Handheld Tool that makes undoing Child Restraints Easier
  • A small tool to help you get in and out of your car a lot easier.
  • Seat Belt Grabber Extension to Avoid Twisting and Turning when You Reach for Your Seatbelt.
  • Swivel Seat Cushion


I personally have 2 walking sticks (only use 1 at a time), a rollator walker, and a mobility scooter to help me move around.

So what can you get in this area:

  • Crutches
  • Walking Sticks or Canes
  • Knee Walker
  • Walker
  • Rollator Walker
  • Mobility Scooter
  • Wheelchair

Crutches are available in different models.

You can get some more traditional types that go under the armpits while others work from the forearms down.

A knee walker is what it says and only available in one design.

Walkers may have no wheels or wheels on the two front legs. This means that rather than lift the whole walker to move it around, you only have to lift it from the back and wheel it to where you wish to go.

Rollator Walkers, or as we know them by another name in Australia, Wheely Walkers, can either have 4 wheels or 3 wheels.

They fold easily to fit in your car and provide a seat should you need to sit down.

Mobility Scooters are available in many brands as well as configurations and will be another article by themselves.

Wheelchairs come in a large variety of models and configurations.

They are, in a lot of cases, specific designs to meet a patient’s needs.

Some are manual while others are powered.

Attachments for Mobility Items

There are many attachments for some of the above items but not for crutches or knee walkers.

These include:

  • Baskets
  • Walking Stick Holders
  • Cup Holders
  • Bags that attach to either sides or backs
  • Meal Trays
  • Oxygen Tank Holders
  • Walker Holder for Mobility Scooters
  • Ponchos
  • Covers
  • Crutch Holder for Scooters
  • Handicap Parking Displays
  • Scooter Basket Liner Bag
  • Scooter Mittens
  • Gel Cushions for Wheelchairs
  • Arm supports for wheelchairs.
  • Amputee cushions for Wheelchairs
  • Amputee Board for Wheelchairs
  • Thigh Positioning Strap for Wheelchair
  • Hip Positioning Pad for Wheelchairs

You can get various ramps for Scooters and Wheelchairs to put them on vehicles or make it easier to access your home.

These are available in varying lengths, and all the attachments above will become the topic of a future article.


I hope by now, you are aware of gadgets for seniors who want to remain independent.

All these items will be covered in future articles on this site and will also show pricing and pictures for you to see.

Thank you for your interest in reading this article.

Please remember that should you wish to check out items before we publish separate articles on them please visit our Recommended Resources page.

One of these companies on this page has more than 4000 items covering anything you may want.

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