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Gardening Made Easy for Seniors

Gardening Made Easy for Seniors

In this article Gardening Made Easy for Seniors you will find many tips and tools to get you back into the garden. Think about getting into the fresh air again.

Our aim here with this website is to alert senior citizens to find out what they can get that will help them stay at home and enjoy living in the same environment they have lived in for many years.

This was probably something you enjoyed in your younger years, but, now that you are a little bit older and possibly suffering from arthritis and other joint problems this once most enjoyable pastime has now turned into a nightmare.

We will endeavour to share some tips and tricks that will once again allow you to enjoy your gardening.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Bed

As seniors it is becoming, for many of us, more difficult to bend at the waist.

The flexibility in our bodies appears to be disappearing.

Do you remember how flexible you were in your earlier life compared with now.

A raised garden bed means we can now have the pleasure of gardening again without the need to fully bend over.

Using raised garden beds will diminish the amount of stress on your back as they require you to bend less.

What is a Raised Garden Bed.

A raised garden bed is exactly what it says.

It is a garden bed constructed to any length.

You determine what length you would like it to be.

The minimum height is 12 inches. The depth that most garden plants will require for their roots is between 6 and 12 inches.

If you are planting deep rooting vegetables be guided by the depth their roots will need. Some are up to 36 inches.

A good width for a raised garden bed is between 3 and 4 feet.

Leave a convenient width for a path between garden beds if you are making more than 1 raised garden bed.

There is no real need to build raised gardening beds yourself. Talk to your local gardening center and they should be able to put you in touch with a landscaper who will be only too happy to discuss the project with you.

Preparation of Your Site

Choose your site so that it gets adequate sunshine for your intended plants.

There is no base required and no need to cut out grass before putting your soil mixture into the bed.

If you wish you may cut the grass extremely low and if you have a clay soil dig it down about 6 – 8 inches. This will mean better drainage however using raised garden beds will provide better drainage as the moisture will drain down to ground level quite quickly.

Simply put a layer of old newspapers over the ground to kill off the grass that is growing there.

If you want to be more thorough use black plastic although if I would to do this I would have some drainage holes in the plastic to allow for water to drain away.

You will find over time that you most likely will be doing more watering using a raised garden bed.

The wood used in construction should be a wood that is resistant to water damage. Redwood, Black Locust or Cedar are the best woods to use. Do not use treated wood. It may contain arsenic and other chemical products. These may be dangerous for both vegetables and flowers.

.Here is a very good article on things to use, and includes items that are not wood but also long lasting and more affordable, for your raised garden bed.

This site has a lot of great information that may be of interest for you as well.

Soil Mix for a Raised Garden Bed

When working out the soil mix to use in your raised garden bed it is quite simple.

Use a mix of 60% topsoil. 30% compost. 10% Potting soil

Choosing The Correct Tools

Use of the correct gardening tools is another way for Gardening to be Made Easy for Seniors.

You will more than likely find the tools you previously used are no longer suitable for you to garden with.

This could be for various reasons but the main reason possibly has to do with arthritic and other joint pains.

Issues regarding your body’s flexibility due to the aging process could also be responsible.

If you haven’t looked around at gardening tools for a number of years you may be as astonished, like I was, to find out how times change and what is now available.

There have been may changes to gardening tools that are adaptive for the elderly. Quite a number of these were made due to necessity.

Many of these have been invented by a loved one of an afflicted person.

Others by design engineers and others again by physiotherapists.

To read about some of these tools please read this article on this site.

Adaptive Gardening Tools for the Disabled Reviewed

This article shows a small number of tools that are available for disabled and senior citizens.

Seating in Your Garden

It is important to make sure you have some seating in your garden.

This is for those times you are feeling like you need a rest.

You should also have a supply of fresh water with you.

With the seat in place you can sit down, have some water and sit back and enjoy the scene of your creations.

It is good for you to commune with nature.

Enjoy the company of birds.

Garden Storage

Garden Storage

To have sufficient storage in which to keep all your gardening tools, fertilizers and other bits and pieces including packets of seeds is important.

So that you can locate what you need quickly and with little fuss you should have the above items stored systematically and grouped together.

A good idea as we get older with maybe fading eyesight is a method of locating the tools we are using should we put them down somewhere or drop them.

I have heard an idea of using bright colors to help locate them when they are needed.

This will also mean that you won’t miss putting things away when you finish your gardening session.

Why Should You Garden

It is very important for senior citizens to garden especially if you have been getting great pleasure from gardening over many years.

The pure exercise you get from gardening is very good for your physical and mental wellbeing.

A recent study has revealed that gardening may reduce the risk of suffering from dementia by 36%.

If you are a vegetable gardener think of the fresh produce that will adorn your dinner table and that you and your guests will enjoy.

If you have some produce over there are a few options available to you so that you don’t have to dispose of it when it goes off.

Some can be frozen to be used when it is not in season.

Others can be given to grateful family and friends.

Not only, will this save you money, but will give you a sense of pride knowing they came from your very own garden.

Gardening can also help with cardiac issues.

Stress will be lessened and your self worth will increase.

I get a lot of stress relief simply by going out to my garden and turning the hose on and spending some quiet time watering.

Occasionally, if I am a little tired, I take my rollator out into the garden and sit while watering.

I personally garden as a major part of my exercise program.


I thank you for taking the time to read this article.

This article titled Gardening Made Easy for Seniors should have given you some new ideas and you should be aware of some new innovative ideas for gardening tools that would be of great benefit to you if you read the article Adaptive Gardening Tools for the Disabled Reviewed  

We will have more articles about gardening for senior and disabled people at a later time so please bookmark our site to make it easy for you to return.

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