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Having Difficulties in the Kitchen Now You Are A Senior Citizen

Having Difficulties in the Kitchen Now You Are A Senior Citizen

I was also experiencing difficulties until I found a few simple and relatively inexpensive tools to help me.

Up until I found these for several months following my wife’s passing I was living on Frozen Meals.

While these meals rated as healthy on the packaging,they just didn’t have the same bite that a good home cooked meal delivered.

I did some research and found many items that I believe would be worth telling you about as you may find them useful.

My problem areas centered around cooking while others of you could be experiencing difficulty finding difficulty in other areas of the kitchen.

Please read this article fully so that you do not miss something that you may find beneficial.

The First Item I Found

The first item I bought was not one of the most awe-inspiring purchases I made however it cost less than $10 and is a Vegetable Peeler with a cushioned handle which ensures a good firm grip.

The handle is slip proof when either wet or dry.

This peeler also has a stainless steel blade that swivels so that there is less pressure on your wrist when you use it which I find makes it so much easier to use.

I now find myself using this peeler daily.

Subsequent Items I Researched

Pan Holder

The pan holder will make it easier to stir saucepans when using one hand.

It is an epoxy covered wire frame that sits on top of your stove and holds the pan in place.

To secure it to the stove top use the suction caps on the feet. These suction cups can handle heat up to 140 degrees.

I did read several reviews before getting this and one stated that the woman’s husband was an upper amputee who was able to return to cooking after getting the pan holder.

Another gentleman said since buying it there is a lot less aggravation in the kitchen.

Long Stove Knob Turner


This item is a 15″ rod that makes turning the knobs on stoves a lot easier.

It is a lightweight aluminium rod with a protective coating and a comfort grip handle.

The design was needed for people with limited mobility.

Other Items To Suit Your Needs With Cooking

We have only given descriptions of the items above so that you can see how they work and why they are effective.

The few items above are only a tiny fraction of what is available to help you get back to cooking.

You have no excuses anymore.

Here are some more for you to consider:

  • Jar Openers
  • Bottle Openers
  • Can Openers
  • Grip Openers
  • Easi Grip Graters
  • Vegetable and Fruit Holders
  • Cheese Slicer
  • Measuring Cups
  • Egg Slicers
  • Colander
  • Bottle Cleaners
  • Canister Sets
  • Microwave Cool Tray
  • Long Handled Pull / Push Oven Stick
  • Potato Ricer
  • Potato Masher
  • Salad Spinner
  • Food Chopper


I hope these items listed above give you a good idea of how you can get back to cooking again.

Other Areas of the Kitchen We Should Consider Include

  • Cutlery
  • Plate
  • Cups
  • Glasses
  • Plate Guards
  • Anti Slip Mats

Cutlery is available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

There are some made especially for children and some for adults so please be careful if you order utensils to make sure you are getting the correct size.

Some utensils are straight like normal cutlery however have larger non slip handles.

Others are bent to make life easier for those of us who have difficulty when eating.

You can even get utensils that are bendable so you set the angle and whether or not to make the bend right or left.

Other utensils come with a finger loop built into them so that the person using it will have more control of the utensil.

One knife I thought was interesting is a knife that rocks on a curved blade to make cutting easier.

This item is in the more traditional straight knives with a larger soft grip handle.

It never ceases to amaze me what I am locating as I go on this journey.

Weighted utensils are also available.

These are:

  • Weighted utensils are ideal for those with hand tremors.
  • Large soft rubber handle to cushion your grip.
  • Bend for use with either the right or left hand.
Coated Spoons.

These are teaspoons coated with a soft Nylon coating which protects both the lips and teeth

  • Helps to protect teeth and lips for persons with biting reflexes
  • Large, easy-to-hold handle

Some of these spoons, depending on the size and manufacturer,may have different coating and some may not be suitable for people who have a strong bite.

Make sure you read the directions and warnings before buying.

Specialty Knives

All Purpose Chefs Knife

The knife that I have seen during researching this article allows for the hand to be directly over the food being prepared.

  • Cut, chop, and slice with greater comfort and less fatigue
  • Precise control for reduced wrist, arm and hand discomfort

Bread Slicer Knife

  • Scalloped edge retains sharpness
  • Ultra-soft, right-sized handle increases comfort, control

Paring Knife

  • Peel, trim, slice with greater comfort and less fatigue
  • Precise control for reduced wrist, arm and hand discomfort

Duo Edge Slicer Knife

  • Ultra-soft, right-sized handle for secure grip
  • Duo-edge blade allows ultra-thin, non-stick slicing
  • Ideal for carving cooked meats

Ten Inch Cooks Knife

  • Curved blade for smooth, rocking motion to cut evenly, rapidly
  • Ultra-soft, right-sized handle for secure grip
  • Versatile knife for slicing, dicing, mincing, chopping

Five Inch Utility Knife

  • Wide blade enhances control
  • Ultra-soft, right-sized handle easy, comfortable to grip
  • Precise control for reduced wrist, arm and hand discomfort

The above specialty knives all are

Certified “Ease-of-Use Commendation” by The Arthritis Foundation

Plates and Bowls

You are able to get a range of plates and bowls.

These plates fall into a several categories including:

  • Non Slip
  • Insulated
  • Divided
  • Insulated
  • Scooper Plate
  • High Sided
  • Inner Lip
  • Weighted
  • May have a non slip place mat built into it
  • Round or Oval

There is a range of plate guards for these plates.

Nosey Cups

Ideal for people with Arthritis or who have a limited range of movement in the neck or upper extremities of the body.

  • Special cut out for the nose allows drinking without bending the neck or tilting the head.
  • Ideal for people with arthritis or limited range of motion of the head, neck or upper extremities.
  • Made from translucent plastic.
Insulated Cups With Lids

Single handed lightweight cups

  • Keeps drink warm or cold.
  • Choose from the no-spill recessed lid or spout lid.

Made from Double Wall and High Impact Plastic.

Clear Mug With 2 Handles
  • Includes two lids – one Anti-splash Lid and one Spout Lid.
  • Arthritic hands can easily grip the dual handles.
  • Extra wide base makes it easy to set down without tipping or spilling.

Choose from 6 oz, 9 oz or 12 oz.

Dignity Mug

Helpful for those with limited hand strength to drink by themselves.

Made from Ceramic certified to be lead free.

  • Unique two-handled mug
  • Allows multiple grip positions
  • Holds 8 ounces of hot or cold liquid
Cup holders of various sizes with a suction pad
  • Arms adjust to hold 16 oz to 46 oz. cups, glasses or bottles
  • Attached suction pad prevents sliding, slipping or moving
  • Great for wheelchair trays, over bed tables, or table tops.
Easy Grip Mug

This mug is ideal for people suffering from Arthritis.

has an ergonomically curved internal handle that enables the hand to fit through the mug. This 16 oz. adapted drinking mug is specifically designed for people suffering from severe arthritis or other upper extremity disabilities that prevent grasping a standard drinking cup.

The Easy Grip-In Mug has a center opening that eliminates the need for grasping. The lid rotates 360° and has a smooth sliding lid lever. As an added bonus, when the Easy Grip-In Mug is filled with a warm beverage, the warmth from the beverage warms your hand too. The gentle warmth can help ease arthritis joint pain. This easy grip mug is recommended by Occupational and Physical Therapists for medical rehabilitation as an adaptive drinking aid.

There are many glasses for you to choose from as well as drinking straws.

You can get drinking straws made from plexiglass that is either straight or with a bend.

There is also a straw 28 inches long.

So as you can see most situations are covered by these variations

Anti Slip Mats

Anti slip mats come in different shapes and sizes.

They can be used in situations as described below.

  • Helps to reduce the risk of spilling
  • Helpful for people with limited grip or mobility
  • Large size is ideal non-slip tray liner

You are also able to get the material in a 10 yards roll which means that you are able to cut it to size.

The shapes that I have seen are Rectangular, Round and Square.


I thank you for reading this article and visiting our website.

I should point out before finishing this article many of the products mentioned were designed to cove personal situations. Quite often a spouse would see what was needed by their loved one so would invent it for them.

Others were invented by therapists who came across a particular problem with their patients.

It really never ceases to amaze me where ideas and inventions begin.

I hope and trust that by reading the article that you have learned just what is available for you.

Please leave a comment or contact us if you need any further information on this subject.

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