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Holmes Twin Window Fan Review

Holmes Twin Window Fan Review

Are you interested in buying the Holmes Twin Window Fan? There are a lot of window fans available, so is the Holmes any better? It’s easy to see the specs but it’s another thing to try the unit out and find out how it performs. That’s what we wanted to figure out so we conducted this detailed review.


  • The fan comes with six blades for optimum performance.
  • The motor is built for heavy-duty long-term use without getting damaged.
  • The Holmes window fan is fully assembled so you don’t have to mess around with tools.
  • The Holmes comes with a Comfort Control thermostat so you will be able to maintain the desired level.
  • The extender allows you to fit the Holmes fan on various windows. No matter which window you put the Holmes in, the extender panel keeps the unit in position.
  • There are three speed options built in.
  • The Holmes is compatible with windows that are 24 inches wide, but it can be used on windows that are up to 35 inches wide by using the extender.
  • The Holmes is fitted with a heavy-duty motor. This motor is also water resistant so you’ll be able to use it even if it rains.
  • The Holes fan is built for use with slider and double-hung windows.
  • The Holmes is equipped with a double-blade mechanism for maximum performance.
  • Its motors are reversible and can move independently.


  • Made of durable plastic
  • No need for assembly
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to use


  • Accordion shutter is a little difficult to lock in
  • Thermostat cannot be turned off

Performance and Usage

The Holmes’ performance is top of the line, and it is designed for long-term use. It offers a good deal of customizability and when set up, the six blades and motor work together to remove hot air and circulate more cool air. Good ventilation definitely helps, but compared to other window fans the results from this model are better.

Most Homes window fans don’t make a lot of noise and this model is no exception. It moves air around very well so you’ll feel the difference in your room. The difference is most apparent when it is used in situations where there is significant variation in temperature during the day and night.

The fan is easy to install: if you need to use the extender it works without a hitch. You might need to do some adjusting depending on the window, but most of the time it will only take a few minutes.

The Holmes is lighter than most other window fans, but the quality is still pretty good and it will last longer than most other units. The blades and screen are well-designed and don’t accumulate dust as much as other window fans do.

Since this is pre-assembled it’ll be up and ready in no time. The fan’s diameter isn’t too large, but the blades and motor give the Holmes enough power to cool down rooms. The versatility is another advantage since it allows you to adjust the Comfort Control thermostat level to a point you are comfortable with.

The dual-blade design makes it a good option for constant use. Being able to operate the blades independently gives the Holmes increased flexibility. With its reversible motor you can expect the Holmes to perform consistently.

The motor, housing and blades are all solidly constructed, and the motor is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about the rain causing any kind of damage. Since it fits with most common window sizes, compatibility should not be a problem.

Should You Buy it?

The Homes Window Fan may feel light and be built of plastic, but it is one of the more durable fans we have reviewed. The fact that it is fully assembled is a boon for those who just want their window fan to be up and running quickly.

We also like its six blades as they perform their role nicely. The thermostat keeps the fan working as it should and there’s little need for the user to make adjustments. The options are there if you want, but the Holmes works great out of the box.

The 3 speed settings are all responsive, and even at low levels it works just as you would expect from a high-quality window fan. The other thing that sets the Holmes apart from the others is its efficiency with managing airflow whether it is exhaust, intake or exchange.


The Holmes Window Fan is an excellent window fan. It is not the most powerful fan but it does more than enough to cool air and eliminate hot air. It doesn’t have any fancy features but that’s alright since it does what it is supposed to do. It’s a quiet, well-constructed window fan and is definitely a good buy.

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