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How does a window fan work?

How does a window fan work

Electric fans are often the preferred alternative to air conditioning units because they are cheaper to use and can cool down rooms quickly. However, like most appliances in the market today, the electric fan comes in various types with different features.

In the case of electric fans, one of the types that often has people wondering how it works is the window fan. While the fan’s name implies where it is installed, it does not fully explain how it works and how it is different from a normal fan.

Window fans can be installed in window frames and are often used to regulate a home’s temperature and ventilation. They are also quite cheap to use and do not need as much electricity as air conditioning to run.

When you purchase a window fan, the first thing you will notice is the fact it comes with expandable side panels. These panels enable users to cover the entire window opening and seal all the gaps where air can escape and ensure it does not fall off when you install it.

Most window fans come with either one or two fans with two or three speeds on each. They also come with two settings or modes, intake or exhaust, and others come with various features such as thermostats, timers and motor speeds.

Window fans also differ in terms of what they are made of as some are made from plastic and others are made from metal. If a user wants to use a window fan for larger locations or industrial settings, expensive models made from stronger materials are available.

Generally, fans of all types, including window fans, can cool homes in three different ways:

  • It brings cooler air into the home from the outside (thus requiring users to use it when temperature drops outside their home) and exhausts warmer air out.
  • When it exhausts the warmer air out of the house, moist air is removed and replaced with cooler air. This specific cooling technique is also experienced when using ceiling fans.
  • Cooling is further developed as the window fan triggers an increase in liquid evaporation which results in evaporative cooling. This process works more efficiently if the window fan is used in low humidity areas and the inhabitants of the home are wet or sweaty from taking a bath or doing active work.

Considering the ways a fan can cool down a room, each window fan type works differently in terms of cooling the house.

Reversible Window Fans

This type of window fan is capable of being an exhaust fan and a regular fan for two or more rooms even if it is turned off.

One fan acts as an exhaust, sucking in hot air and indoor air. The other fan enables the air to circulate around the house and ensures air is distributed equally. The reversible motor installed in this type of window fan helps the fan serve as an exhaust fan should the user desire it. Some brands allow users transform their window fans into reversible fans with the use of a dial or a remote control.

Twin Window Fans

These window fans are adjustable and fit any size of windows or window frame. Most of today’s twin window fans have two fans installed in the machine, allowing one fan to serve as the exhaust while the other brings in cooler air. Others can be both an exhaust and a fan at the same time.

Whole House Window Fans

This is the cheapest kind of window fan in the market and it works in a similar way to its brothers; however, you would need several units to produce results especially if you have a big home to work with.

In terms of how it works, the whole house window fans draw in cool air through the open window. Every part of the window fan helps in cooling the house, from the side panels to the fans itself. Once the window fan is mounted, users only have to switch it on, adjust the settings and let it work.

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