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HowPlumb Portable Twin Window Fan Review

HowPlumb Portable Twin Window Fan Review

Have you been checking out the HowPlumb window fan and wondering if it is going to help cool your home? We have come across several window fans like the HowPlumb, some being good and others barely adequate. We decided to do a comprehensive review and find out once and for all if the HowPlumb Window Fan is as good as claimed.


  • ETL listed, which means it is built according to the highest safety standards in North America.
  • The HowPlumb window fan comes with a circulating function, resulting in better airflow.
  • Its screen has been designed to keep the bugs out.
  • The HowPlumb is built to remove hot air and get cool air circulating in your home instead.
  • The fan is compatible with the most commonly used window sizes.
  • The unit’s fabric cover is connected to the fan so hot air stays out.


  • Easy to use
  • Removes hot air efficiently
  • Circulates cool air in
  • Compatible with common window sizes


  • A little louder than other window fans
  • The screen design could have been more durable

Performance and Usage

The HowPlumb window fan provides exceptional performance. As we mentioned earlier, the package contains all the essential equipment and hardware, so there’s no need to buy extra equipment. The manual is detailed and anyone can set it up on a typical window.

Its performance is steady and dependable. Hot, humid air is eliminated as cool air is drawn in. You can set up the fan to exhaust humid air, or you can configure the HowPlumb to make it cooler in your home. You can also use the unit to circulate the air so the temperature is more consistent.

Since the HowPlumb has been designed for most windows, compatibility is of no concern. The remote control has all the major functions and has a range of 15 feet. The manual controls are also well-designed so regardless of which option you choose, it will still be responsive.

The difference in the air will be felt most when there’s significant temperature variation. The fan is quiet no matter which speed you use, and the motor is not prone to overheating. We have to give special mention to the fabric cover as it is very effective at keeping the hot air out.

The expander panel is similar to those on other units, allowing you to install it on larger windows. As a dual fan you’ll be able to take advantage of its power and draw in more cool air. With regular use you will feel the difference in the air.

A quick word about its modes: once you have chosen a speed, you need to choose which one to use. If you just want the hot, sticky air out, turn it to exhaust mode. If you want to draw cool air in, switch it to intake. If you want to try both, you can switch to the circulate function and dispel hot air while pulling in fresh air at the same time.

Since this is a window fan most people will install it on windows, but the two snap-on feet allow you to set up the fan on the floor or a table. This is a feature you won’t find on many other window fans, and it’s very convenient.

Should You Buy It?

The HowPlumb window fan is ideal for a lot of homeowners for many reasons. First and foremost, the package comes with everything you need to install it. You get the remote control, snap-on feet and 2 removable covers. With these components you can start using the HowPlumb quickly.

The other benefit of the HowPlumb is its durability. You can use the HowPlumb to manage the temperature in your room, and it is easy to use as well. It has many of the functions of high-end window fans and is just as effective.

The remote control is another benefit: being able to change the settings and controls without having to go over the fan is a boon. With a press of the button you’ll be able to make the necessary changes.

The ETL listing should also put your mind at rest, as this means the HowPlumb is built with durability and safety in mind. The screen also works as expected when it comes to keeping the bugs off the fan. It doesn’t just keep the bugs out but also dust and dirt. Because of this, the HowPlumb doesn’t need as much maintenance as other window fans.


The HowPlumb window fan is an all-around appliance, great for cooling air, a constant maintaining temperature and keeping heat out. The HowPlumb is also much more durable than your standard window fan.

If you’re having trouble with the humid air and balking at the cost of an AC, the HowPlumb window fan should be on your wishlist.

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