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Lasko #2155A 16” 3 Speed Window Fan Review

Lasko 2155A 16 3 Speed Window Fan Review

Locating heavy-duty window fans can be very difficult because their prices are similar to traditional air conditioning units and cheaper ones may not be enough to accommodate your needs. Fortunately, Lasko had the same idea and has come up with the Lasko #2155A 16” 3 Speed Window Fan.


Do you need a window fan that will help you cool your home permanently and not worry about having to move it on bad days? This window fan from Lasko has got you covered. Here are the features of the Lasko #2155A 16” 3 Speed Window Fan that you need to look into before you purchase it:

  • This window fan comes with 3 speed settings which are both powerful and quiet once it is selected.
  • If you want to use it as an exhaust fan or reverse its air circulation power, you only have to turn the dial in the unit and it will electronically reverse the motor.
  • The blade of this window fan is around 16-inches in size and has 3-paddle blades.
  • This window fan is ideal for windows with a width of 26.5 to 35.5 inches and a height of 22 inches.
  • In order to ensure that users can still close their windows when this is installed, the window fan comes with a Storm Guard feature.


Sound like the perfect window fan for you? If that’s a yes, the Lasko #2155A 16” 3 Speed Window Fan should be in your top ten. However, before you go running out to purchase this window fan for your home, here are the pros and cons of this window fan that you need to consider before buying one!


There are so many things to love with this window fan from Lasko. First of all, the installation process for this window fan is very simple to do because you will not need additional screws to get this window fan stable in your window.

It also works in any type of window. When you turn it on the motor runs quietly, which might surprise you especially if you have turned it to the highest window fan speed. It also doesn’t produce a rattling sound when it is turned on unlike other window fans.

The exhaust fan capacity of this window fan is also commendable because the fan, even on lower settings, is capable of removing unwanted smells from a room. It is also very easy to adjust the settings of the window fan and transform it into a reversed fan since the dial is easy to reach.

For those living in wet areas, the Storm Guard feature is a big plus because it allows users to close their windows without having to remove the fan. If it is not raining, the Storm Guard serves as a way to secure the fan in the window frame.


On the other hand, you have to consider several things about this window fan before you purchase it. First of all, the materials used to make this window fan are plastic. As a result, you may need to be careful when leaving it out in the elements or using it continuously.

In some cases, it may even cause the machine to stop functioning completely because the parts may break apart easily. Furthermore, the material may also trigger excessive vibration from the unit when the higher fan speeds are triggered.

Installation may also be a problem, especially if your window frames are not conventional ones. The window fan also comes with a very unusual top part, which prevents it from remaining stable when it is installed in your window frame.

Since the window fan is slightly cheaper than its counterparts, the motor used for this fan and the blade may not be capable of producing cooler temperatures for large homes and you may need an extra unit to assist it. The Storm Guard feature may not also be ideal for window frames which are smaller than the unit or have a different design.

Bottom Line

A window fan that can remain steady in one place and produce consistent results each time is a dream, especially if you want to save money. The Lasko #2155A 16” 3 Speed Window Fan will definitely help you cool your home consistently without creating a dent in your budget.

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