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Lasko Products 16 Inch Window Fan Review

Lasko Products 16 Inch Window Fan Review

If you look for window fans online, you’re going to see the name Lasko a lot, as it’s become synonymous with quality fans. This is a 16” reversible fan and looks pretty good. Of course appearances can be deceiving, so does the Lasko Window Fan deliver on its promise of cool air?


  • The fan is designed to remove hot air and bring cool, fresh air in.
  • The Lasko window fan is ETL listed and conforms to the highest safety standards in the US.
  • The window fan comes with Lasko’s proprietary fused plug for safety and reliable performance.
  • The fan is equipped with three powerful blades. The blades work in conjunction with the motor to cool air and take out hot hair.
  • This Lasko window fan has the Storm Guard feature which prevents the unit from being damaged by rain.
  • The fan is built for use with the most common window types.


  • Easy to install
  • Works great at removing hot air
  • Detailed instructions
  • Durable housing


  • Not as powerful as other window fans
  • Not as quiet as other Lasko fans

Performance and Usage

This is one of the most versatile reversible window fans which Lasko has made. Basically it doesn’t have any complicated features and that’s a good thing. All you have to do is turn the unit on and it will get rid of hot air. Alternatively you can set up the fan to just pull in cool air or do both.

The fan does a good job at keeping the air flowing in the appropriate direction. Once you have installed the Lasko on a window, it will remove the hot, sticky air. You’ll soon start to notice the air cooling down.

This fan has a storm guard that lets you shut the window behind the Lasko when there’s a storm. If you live somewhere with inclement weather, the Storm Guard will be essential.

The Lasko is easy to install. It’s kind of large but that is not a big deal. There are screws and mounts included with the fan, though in some cases you may not even need to use it. Once you’ve installed it you’ll see how the Lasko differs from a usual window fan.

The fan doesn’t make a lot of noise, and it doesn’t squeak. The fan is going to produce some noise at the higher speed, but it is nowhere near as loud as other window fans. There is enough power in the Lasko so you can use it for the home or office, and it means you won’t have to use the AC much.

The Lasko window fan is made of plastic, but it is actually much more durable than other window fans. When compared to other window fans, the Lasko will last much longer even when used extensively.

The bottom line is that the Lasko window fan will go far when it comes to reducing temperature and making your home more comfortable. If you are having trouble with the sticky heat and your electric fan keeps blowing hot air in your face, then the Lasko window fan could be the solution you are looking for.

Should You Buy It?

The Lasko window fan is for anyone who wants a cost-effective alternative to air conditioning systems. It is way cheaper than an AC but is still effective in lowering the temperature without making the air humid.

The Lasko window fan is also a good choice for homeowners who live in hot areas and are looking for a quick, consistent way to cool their home. The Lasko is one of the easiest window fans you can install, and its manual is detailed and easy to follow. The speed options allow you to customize the unit’s performance depending on the weather.

The safety features on the Lasko is another reason why it’s suitable for a lot of people. If it’s hot, you just want to be able to quickly install the fan and have it cool the room by a few degrees. That’s what the Lasko window fan is for: you can set it up quickly, choose your options and let it go to work.

If you’re looking for a quality window fan, the Lasko is one to keep an eye on. While it looks like your average window fan, it performs much better than standard models and cools air much more quickly and efficiently.


This window fan is quiet, performs consistently and is one of the most resilient in the Lasko line. If you are unhappy with your current window fan or want to buy a new one, you should consider this 16” fan. For power, performance and ability to maintain the temperature, the Lasko is hard to top.

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