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Mobility Devices for Disabled and Seniors

Mobility Devices for Disabled and Seniors

Are you getting to the age where you need one of these items?

I have at least 3 of them myself.

There are many mobile devices for disabled and seniors.

Your situation will be covered in this article.

What Mobility Devices are Available

The following should cover your disability or age.

We discuss the following items here.

  • Walking Stick or Cane
  • Walking Frame
  • Rollator
  • Wheelchair

Walking Stick or Cane

Old Man Using a Walking Stick

You are able to read the history of walking canes on the site below should you be interested.


Walking sticks are generally made either from wood or aluminum.

Others can be made from glass or plastic.

Walking sticks may be either foldable or adjustable which means there is one available for every person’s requirements.

They are different in various countries around the world.

This is because tradition, in these countries, determines what type of walking stick is favored.

In Ireland, for example, the Shillelagh is a traditional stick.

These are made of a wood called Blackthorne.

Lucite walking canes are a great addition to your collection.

Lucite is a plastic material.

These are made from a clear material and generally, have a crystal-like appearance.

Walking sticks for women are more fashionable than a plain wood or aluminum stick.

They are made with a fancy design or very colorful.

One to go with every outfit.

This is not as silly as it sounds as these items are not always out of reach budget wise.

Accessories for Walking Canes.

Accessories are available for canes.

Replacement Tips for your cane are popular.

Some people like to add a quad foot.

This gives you more stability when walking. This means that you now have four points of contact with the ground instead of one.

Hence more stability.

Another great accessory is a cane holder.

This is a small device that attaches to the down part of your stick.

It has a flip out rectangular piece that sits flat on a table surface.

This holds the stick in place so that it does not fall over.

The part that flips out is also reflective.

This means that if a car is coming up behind you while you are walking the driver should be able to see you.

Wrist strap.

Wrist straps are able to be obtained in different colors.

They are easily fitted to your stick.

They are transferable from one stick to another.

All in all, they are a great idea as they can also be used to hang your stick up.

Other accessories include a holder that holds the cane over the back of a chair.

A carrying pouch that easily fits your stick.

It is very handy to carry a small amount of item,s that you would normally carry in a bag hence no need to try to attempt carrying them in your hand or having to carry a bag around with you.


Rollators are also known as walkers or wheely walkers depending on which country you are located in.

They can also be referred to as a rolling walker.

This is determined by where you live in the world.

Rollators can be either 3 or 4 wheeled.

Brakes are in the form of a loop structure on the handle.

It is simply a matter of sliding your hand into the loop while using the rollator.

You then can simply apply the brake to stop movement.

The brake can be locked on to stop movement while you either wish it to be stopped totally or if you are not using it.

Your rollator in most cases can be very simply folded for storage or transport.

I know how hard and easy it was to fold my wife’s up and place it in the trunk of a small car.

Just remember to measure the trunk area of your car before buying one to make sure it will fit in there easily.

They generally have a carrying basket as well as a seat you can sit on if you need a rest.

To get more information on Rollators please visit this article on Wikipedia:


Rollators are available in models for a heavier person.

These are called a bariatric rollator.

They are wider than a standard model.

Accessories for Rollators

You can get many accessories for your Rollator.

These include:

  • Side Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Cup Holders
  • Walking Stick Holders
  • Trays that fit under the seat
  • Baskets
  • Seat and Back Covers
  • Hooks
  • Trays for Meals
  • Slider Skis for easy mobility on certain surfaces
  • Replacement Wheels


These may be considered by some to be a form of Rollator.

Because they are a simpler device with fewer parts they are cheaper than a full Rollator.

Generally, they do not have wheels.

In saying that some models do have two front wheels.

They are simply a lightweight aluminum frame.

You lift the frame in front of you and take a step then put it down again.

By repeating this process you move to your destination.

The handles are covered with soft vinyl.

Walker Accessories

You will find that you can get quite a lot of accessories to fit your walker so that you will be able to customize it to fulfill your needs.

There are Tote bags in many and varied colors as well as designs. Many of these are watertight. Something for everyone.

Organizer Bags which attach to your walker.

Baskets for putting on your walker and thus being able to carry a lot of small items around using it.

Replacement wheels for the wheeled style of the walker so that when they wear out you will not have to go to the expense of buying a new walker.

Gliders to attach to where the wheels would normally be so that your walker can glide over many surfaces.

Padded hand grip covers which provide comfort. You will find that they are very easy to put on your walker and generally attach with Velcro.

There are also many different trays available for your walker.

You will need to find which suits you best.

Most of them have a cup holder and are easily attached as well as easy to take off your walker when needed.


For full historical and general information about wheelchairs please visit:


Wheelchairs are used by people suffering a disability or cannot walk due to lack of strength.

There are many different variations of wheelchairs.

The most common one is a chair that is self-propelled.

In this type of wheelchair, the user simply makes it move, either forward or backward, by use of the arms and hands on the wheels.

If your requirements are only short term it may be cheaper for you to buy a self-propelled wheelchair rather than rent one.

These are, due to their simple operation, the cheapest and most affordable wheelchair for you to get.

The next model is an electric or powered wheelchair.

Certainly a lot easier than the manual model for the user to move around in.

These are also the next step up in the price range.

Many will have larger rear wheels for stability and are controlled by using a joystick.

They are powered by a battery which will require recharging.

This is not a difficult task.

Generally speaking, you should charge the batteries 18 hours before the first use and then daily.

We have all heard of sporting wheelies.

These are people who suffer a disability but still wish to participate in various sporting activities.

There are quite specific wheelchairs to suit the needs of these people.

Other types of wheelchairs are chairs that are suitable for users who cannot sit but need to stand.

Wheel Chair Accessories


These accessories are similar to the accessories for Rollators listed above.

They include:

  • Side bags for transporting various items
  • Back Pack Bags
  • Cushions for comfort. These are cushions that you can sit on or place around your body or areĀ  just for your legs.
  • Safety Belts
  • Footrests
  • Cup Holders
  • Food trays
  • Wheelchair Umbrella
  • Ponchos for use in a wheelchair situation
  • Wheels
  • Head Rests
  • Joystick Weather Cover
  • Carrying Bag for Oxygen Cylinders
  • Wheelchair Ramps

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are a great way for you to be able to get around.

Similar to some wheelchairs they are powered.

Although not all mobility scooters are fitted with a basket which is used to carry items around the majority are.

Some are fitted with 3 wheels while others have 4 wheels.

These mobility scooters are quite easy to become accustomed to.

Once you get into the habit of ensuring they are kept charged then you should not experience problems.

We are not going into too much detail here as they will be covered in reviews in later posts.

Please refer to the link below to find out all about mobility scooters.


Mobility Scooter Accessories

If you are looking for accessories for your mobility scooter then there are plenty available.

Some of these accessories are:

  • Scooter Cover
  • Loading Ramp
  • Ponchos for wet weather
  • Rear Basket
  • Replacement Seat
  • Side Bag
  • Cane Holder
  • Drink Cup Holder
  • Battery Charger
  • Sunshade
  • Safety Lighting
  • Cell Phone Holder

There are accessories for almost every need.


As you can see from the above, that whatever your disability or age, there is a mobility device for almost everyone.

There is no longer any excuse for you to use for not getting as mobile as possible.

Thank you for reading this article.

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