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Portable Wheelchair Lift for Car

Portable Wheelchair Lift for Car

Portable Wheelchair Lift for Car – Introduction

Portable wheelchair lift for cars are just what it says.

In this article we will discuss different models. so that you will know more about what is available.

We will show how they work.

This means that you will have a clear understanding of the different models.

To get a full understanding of wheelchair lifts in general please visit this link.

By reading the information at the above link you will have a very good knowledge of not only car lifts but also home lifts.

Models Available

When looking for a Portable Wheelchair Lift for Car you should also consider some other options that may suit your budget.

To be able to get a wheelchair into a car or van you can use either a wheelchair lift which may also be referred to as a platform lift.

The image above shows a platform lift that is installed in the vehicle.

You can also use ramps.

This means that there are solutions at different cost levels.

The ramps can also be used by mobility scooters.

The platform lift is a permanent lift designed to lift the wheelchair as well as the user into a vehicle.

There are manual lifts available that will only lift the wheelchair and not the user.

The ramps are fully portable.

You simply roll the wheelchair up the ramp.

This means that if you have room in the interior of the vehicle then the chair can be stored there.

What You Should Look For When Buying a Portable Wheelchair Lift for Car

The following should be considered prior to making your purchase.

What weight needs to be lifted.

Is it just the chair or does it also include the user.

Does the user have anyone to help them ?

Will the chair be able to be carried inside the vehicle or will it be required to be carried on the outside.

What is your budget?

If buying portable ramps are they able to be folded so that they are easily transportable.

For more information about wheelchairs and accessories for them please visit this article.







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