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Rollator v Walker – Which is Right for You

Rollator v Walker – Which is Right for You


In this article Rollator v Walker – Which is Right for You we will tell you what the differences are between the two of these items so that you and your loved ones can choose the right choice for you.

It can be confusing when sorting out mobility items just what you need.

When comparing rollators and walkers you will need to know the exact differences between the two different machines.

Your Medical Practitioner will be able to provide you with the correct answer to this.

Please note I do not have medical training I am one of you who has learnt from experience. I currently have 3 canes, a rollator and a mobility scooter.

I recommend this article on Wikipedia for you to read to get a full picture of Mobility Aid.

We look forward to writing this article so that you are able to compare rollators and walkers.

Who Needs to Use a Walker or Rollator


While walkers and rollators are designed to achieve certain tasks they are not both used by most people as some of you will require one or the other.

I myself use a rollator but have never had the need for a walker. I am now using mainly a cane nut use a mobility scooter for longer journeys especially to do my grocery shopping.

The reason that people will need one or the other is basically to assist in the area of mobility.

In this article I will also cover the use of a cane in case you believe you can use it instead of either a rollator or walker.

Who Needs to use a Cane


A cane or walking stick is used by someone who feels stability problems when walking.

They can be used by people of any age.

If you feel you have minor problems of balance or simply the need of support when walking get yourself a cane but check with your doctor first that he or she thinks this is the best choice for you.

In general canes are used if the balance or stability problems are associated with only on side of your body.

To use a cane you use it on the good side of the body so that support is transferred to the side of the body with the problem.

Bring the cane forward at the same time as you bring the leg on the bad side forward.

Walk with them synchronised.

Who Requires a Walker – What is the Difference between a Rollator and a Walker

Should the problem of instability, balance or support come from both sides of your body it is time to once again get your doctor’s advice.

This is more than likely the time to look at either a walker or rollator.

Be guided in this by your doctor or someone who has been professionally trained in medicine such as a physiotherapist or even an occupational therapist.

A rollator is really a walker that has wheels, all around,and needs to be pushed.

A walker is simply a frame that needs to be lifted.

What You Need to Know about Walkers

2 Wheeled Walker

Walkers or walking frames have four legs.

These can sometimes have wheels on the front legs only.

To use a walker, without wheels,you will need to lift the walker up and place it at a comfortable distance on the ground in front of you.

You then take a step towards it and repeat the operation again.

Keep repeating until you arrive at your destination or need to sit down on a bench or somewhere convenient to have a rest.

To use the wheeled variety of walker that has front wheels only this is a little bit easier.

Simply lift the back legs a wheel the walker while walking behind it.

Walk behind it keeping the rear legs raised until you either reach your destination or you need a rest.

Walker Accessories

You are able to get accessories to fit on a walker.

Walker Glides

Glides are a good accessory for your walker.

Glides come in a pair. They are generally intended for the rear legs of a walker with 2 front wheels.

You are able to use them on areas inside your home as well as on pavements.

Easily fitted and easily replaced when they become worn.

Some come and ar tennis ball shaped while others are shaped like skis.

I saw one pair that were in the shape of a pair of boots.

Walker Basket

The walker basket easily fits on the front of your walker.

It is an handy accessory as it will allow you to carry small items without having to use your hands which will both be used with using your walker.

It is a convenient place for ladies to keep their handbag or purse and all people to carry a water bottle.

You can also place a small amount of purchases from a shopping trip in it.

Walker Bag

Walker bags are available that can be used either on the front or on the side of your walker.

These bags are quite often double sided with many pockets of varying sizes and are able to hold such items as reading glasses, book, pen, newspaper, iPad, water bottle, keys, and a remote control.

They are securely attached with velcro loops to the walker and are easy to fit.

Walker Cup Holder

This accessory is very convenient and folds up and down as to whether it is being used or not.

This means it doesn’t have to be taken off the walker when not being used.

Great attachment if you want to take your favorite brew with you.

Walker Tray

There are a number of different trays available for your walker.

The one that I looked at slips over the handles of the walker and as such appears very easy to fit.

It has raised sides and 2 recessed cup holders.

There is a rubber mat which grips to prevent items from sliding.

It is convenient for meals, crafts and reading and I am sure there are many other things you can do with it.

PLEASE NOTE : If you are buying one of these before buying make sure that it fits and is compatible with your walker. 

The tray I checked out is not suitable for all walkers but there are so many available I am sure you will easily find one for your walker if you decide you want one.

Facts About Rollators

4 Wheel Rollator

Rollators are sometimes referred to as rolling walkers.

They are available in either three or four wheel models.

4 Wheel Rollator


The difference between a rollator and a walker is that a when using a walker you have to lift the frame to go forward.

With a Rollator you simply push it as it has wheels on all legs.

This means that if it is a 3 wheel rollator it will have 3 wheels and there will be 3 legs. If on the other hand it is a 4 wheel rollator it will have 4 wheels and 4 legs.

These machines have hand brakes and are foldable so that they can be placed in the trunk of your car to enable transportation.

This is quite and easy thing to do.

This makes shopping trips very easy to complete.

They also are equipped with a seat.

If you get tired you can easily sit down when using it.

You have a wide choice of brands to choose from,

I had to get a large size or bariatric one due to my height. I am 6 foot 2.5 inches.

When buying one of these make sure that they will be suitable for your weight.

Rollator Accessories

As with walkers there are many convenient accessories available.

I won’t go into the same detail as in the section above that outlined the Walker accessories.

These are mostly very similar.

You can get packs, bags, cup holders, cane holders, trays, hand grips, replacement wheels, carry travel bag, hooks and a light.


I thank you for reading our article on Rollators versus walkers.

I believe that by taking your time to read it you will now be clearer on the differences between these items.

Please remember to be guided by your medical practitioner when considering a mobility device.

It will most likely you will have to have a recommendation from a medical person to be able to make any claims on medical insurance so that your costs will be replenished to you.

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