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Senior Travel Ideas and Tips Part 1 Australia


Senior Travel Ideas and Tips

senior travel ideas and tips
Senior Travel Planning

Here you will discover a lot of travel ideas and tips by reading through this post titled Senior Travel Ideas and Tips.

In this article we will be focussing on travel in Australia but international travel will also be touched on.

Travelling now that you are in your senior years is vastly different to what it was like for us previously when we were a lot younger.

I am almost 70 and living in a retirement community and have found out that when I now travel I cannot get to all the places I used to go previously.

Whilst I feel I am 25 and indestructible I have slowly come to the realization that I am not.

I trust you will find this post interesting and informative.

Here is an interesting article on Wikipedia regarding a Senior TRavel Pass that is available in the US for admission to National Parks.

Senior Travel Ideas

No matter which country you are a resident of there are numerous travel ideas for you depending on your level of fitness.

Travel can include such small trips as a bus trip.

According to the Google Dictionary Travel Means  to make a journey, typically of some length

So as you can see it doesn’t have to be a long journey.

Many seniors, myself included, do a regular group bus trip to historical places of interest.

Other trips can include journeys around your state or country.

These trips can be made by road, sea or air.

Consider International Travel as well.

Day Trips for Seniors

Many of us seniors take part in organized day trips.

If you are not but would like to and you live in a retirement community check out with your activities director what they have or can organize.

Should you be living at home check with your local council or newspaper.

If you get no help with either of these two sources contact local bus companies or simply ask around your friends.

Someone should be able to advise you of what is in your area that you can join.

Quick tip try to arrange for a friend to go with you.

You will enjoy these types of trips.

Day trip suggestions:

  • Visit a winery or restaurant
  • Go to a beach
  • Attend a Theater Performance
  • Attend a Dance
  • Enjoy a Movie
  • Attend a Craft Show or a local farmers market
  • Go Shopping
  • Visit a Museum
  • Sightseeing around your City or Town or at a nearby Town
  • Enjoy the serenity of a Park
  • Visit a historical site

Combine some of the above for example Morning Tea in a Park Lunch at a Restaurant and in the afternoon visit local historical sites with a guided tour.

I have recently read where one group even enjoyed a trip to their local dump.

The seniors on this particular trip were amazed at how the dumping of rubbish had changed over the years.

You could even take a bus trip by yourself around your own city and find places of interest you have never seen previously.

When you return home find out more about your newly found location on Google or visit your local library to research it.

Tip If you use a rollator a lot of busses used for day trips are able to carry these. Check in advance.

State and Country Trips

For the USA you can always visit this link to the forum at Lonely Planet for a lot of information.

Other countries can also click the link above for information on their countries.

These types of travel can sometimes be used to visit friends and relatives.

I have 3 of these currently planned over the next few months.

You could become a gray nomad.

Buy a caravan or motorhome and tour the country.

Stay a few days where you want to and just move on with your trip when you desire.

You should have some plan in place as to where you are going but this can be very flexible should you want to divert from it to visit a new place of interest you have only now realized exists. Or in fact if you wish to change your mind.

You are now retired with no need to lock into any schedule. Just enjoy yourself.

If you wish to do a guided tour search Google for Guided Tours of where you want to go.

If travelling with a friend a lot of the fun is in the preplanning and then the excitement of looking forward to the actual trip.

International Travel for Seniors

There are so many destinations for you to choose from.

Remember the old saying The World is Your Oyster

As I am not sure where you are reading this from you can travel to:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • South America
  • Africa
  • India
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • The UK
  • Iceland
  • The Antarctic
  • The Mediterraneum
  • New Zealand

I am sure you can think of other destinations not listed above.

Each country listed above has their own tourist destinations which you can visit.

Plan your trip well in advance with the help of a reputable travel agent.

Check out trips on Google first so that you will know what to discuss with your travel agent and to find out various packages that are available.

I would also bring a family member into this research and ask for their advice.

Other ideas include a cruise through international waters.

The cruise lines advertise widely what they have coming up with their ships.

I did a cruise in Australia last September along the Great Barrier Reef and it was one of the most enjoyable vacations I have ever had.

I travelled with a companion and I think if I had been alone I would not have had such a great time.

However, should you be travelling alone, you will find others in your situation to befriend.

Many older people find a senior friend to travel with.

Because of the demographics that say that women outlive men these are quite often older women travelling together for companionship.

International Places of Interest

Many of the places of interest to visit will naturally be dependant on your and your travelling companions interest.

Tip : Plan in advance where you would all like to visit and then plan your schedule.

In this article our main focus point will be Australia the Land Down Under. There will be a number of these posts concentrating on 1 country each

United States

There are places of interest all over the United States as is the case with places all over the world.

Are you interested in National Parks, Military Sites, Cities, Historical Sites, Playing Golf or some other Sporting interest, Museums, Theater or something else.

There is something for everyone.

Some famous places are:

  • Mt Rushmore
  • Hollywood
  • New York
  • Washington
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Gettysburg Battlefield. Visit the Museum and the Visitor Information Center as well as the Battlefield
  • Jazz in New Orleans
  • Disneyworld in Florida
  • Las Vegas – Shows and Gambling
  • Niagara Falls
  • Skiing in Colorado
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Boston
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Pebble Beach Golf Club

These are only a handful of places to visit and as mentioned previously it all depends on your interests.

The UK

As in The United States there are many places to visit and tours you can avail of.

These include:

  • Stonehenge
  • The Edinburgh Military Tattoo
  • Babbacombe Model Village
  • Loch Ness
  • Giants Causeway
  • London
  • Big Ben
  • The Houses of Parliament
  • Many Fine Seaside Resorts
  • Ghost Tours
  • Woburn Zoo
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Dartmoor National Park
  • Bosworth Battlefield
  • New Forest National Park
  • Tower of London
  • Sutton Hoo – Saxon Burial Ground
  • Bath – Roman Town
  • Kensington Palace
  • Various Railways
  • St Andrews Golf Course
  • Isle of Skye
  • Eilean Donan Castle
  • Fort William
  • The Ring of Kerry
  • Wicklow
  • The Rock of Cashel
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • The Blarney Stone
  • Various old Jails around the UK

The above are only a few places and your travel agent should be able to let you know of many more.

Always Google your interests before talking with the travel agent.

Tip : Discuss with friends and relatives who have travelled to the UK before.They will be more aware of what your interests are and should be able to give you some other ideas that may not be in the travel brochures.


For nature and wildlife experiences I would suggest travel to Australia.

We will break the list into States for this vast country.

New South Wales

New South Wales is one of the major of all Australian States.

Things of interest in New South Wales are:

  • Sydney – The State’s Capital. – A wealth 0of historical sites and facts.
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge – One of Australia’s best known Bridges
  • The Sydney Opera House – Construction Began in 1959 and this building was designed by Jørn Utzon a Danish Architect.
  • Taronga Park Zoo- Sydney’s Famous Zoo
  • Bathurst – famous for its motor racing
  • The Blue Mountains- West of Sydney this area is known for it’s spectacular views. With plenty of accomodation and some 150 km of walking tracks there is plenty to see and do at this popular destination.
  • Dubbo Zoo – Formally known as The Taronga Western Plains Zoo you can drive your car through this zoo at no extra cost.
  • Crown Casino Sydney
  • Tamworth Country Music Festival – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamworth_Country_Music_Festival – Visit the link before this to find out about this popular Country Music Festival in Australia held over 2 weeks in January. The Link is for a page at Wikipedia
  • Byron Bay – Australia’s Most Easterly Point – Cape Byron home to a famous Lighthouse. Located in the North East Coastal Region of New South Wales
  • Tweed Heads – Just south of the Queensland border this coastal city has many things to offer tourists. Great accomodation and dining. Many clubs featuring entertainment and gambling with Poker Machines.
  • Hunter Valley – Coal producing area of New South Wales this area offers more to the tourist. Covering an area of 29,000 square kilometers, and approximately 120 km north of Sydney, it’s main city is Newcastle. The area is a famous wine producing area and is the home to many wineries.
  • Many Art Galleries and Museums spread throughout New South Wales.
  • Armidale Aboriginal Art Gallery – Visit to see traditional Aboriginal Art. Enjoy morning tea or lunch at moderate prices. Armidale is located in the New England District of New South Wales.
  • Bondi Beach – Is this Australia’s best known beach? Located in Sydney.


In Victoria you may be interested in visiting:

  • Great Ocean Road  – Trip from Torquay to the South Australian Border. Many tour trips available. Enjoy wineries, dining and spectacular views.
  • The Twelve Apostles – Located on the Great Ocean Road.
  • Bells Beach – Holds an annual Surfing carnival the Rip Curl Pro. This popular beach is located about 100 km south west of Melbourne.
  • Melbourne Capital City of Victoria – Many parks and great dining and accomodation available. Famous for it’s small eateries
  • .Captain Cooks Cottage – Located in Fitzroy Gardens it was brought to Australia in 1934. Originally built in  1775.
  • Crown Casino at Melbourne
  • Great Otway National Park – Plenty of hiking tracks and located south west of Melbourne
  • Ballarat – Historical Gold mining town in Victoria. Visit Sovereign Hill Gold Mining Town where you can try gold panning. Lamplight Tours are held at night so you are able to see the seedier side of Gold Mining. In 1854 the Eureka Stockade took place with Gold Miners staging an uprising against the Government of the day.
  • Phillip Island – All sorts of Wildlife Attractions including the World Famous Penguin Parade. Other things include the Motor Racing Track.
  • Bendigo – To drive from Bendigo to Ballarat is just around 110 km. Visit the Golden Dragon Museum for details on many historical events. Another Gold Mining Town.
  • Glen Rowan – The site where the Legendary Australian Bush Ranger,Ned Kelly,was finally caught after a gun battle with police which saw Kelly get 28 bullet wounds in June 1880. In November 1880 Kelly is hanged at Old Melbourne Gaol.
  • Torquay – Coastal town West of Melbourne on the Great Ocean Road.Many varying Tourist Attractions here including hiking walks and wildlife tours.
  • St Kilda – Luna Park in Melbourne is located next to St Kilda Beach. Visit the St Kilda Pier and enjoy afternoon tea in the kiosk. Many other attractions here.
  • Mornington Peninsula – located South East of Melbourne enjoy scrumptious dining including craft beer and good wines. Try out the Hot Springs. This could just be what you need following a good walk on one of the prepared walks. Plenty of wildlife to see here while walking.
  • Ballarat Tramway Museum – Run by Volunteers this Tramway Museum operates trams that run around near the Lake and Botanical Gardens
  • Melbourne Museum – Among other Exhibits You will be able to see the stuffed body of what many regard as Australia’s best Racehorse Phar Lap.
  • Various Art Galleries throughout the State
  • Geelong – A city to the South West of Melbourne Geelong is well known for it’s wineries, restaurants and beaches.
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground – Established in 1853 the Melbourne Cricket Ground known as the G is one of the world’s largest Cricket grounds with a seating capacity of 100,024. It is the biggest stadium for the Australian Football League in Australia.
  • Daylesford – Known for it’s mineral springs there are many located in Daylesford. You can also enjoy well marked walking tracks where you will see plenty of wildlife and beautiful flowers. Many farms in the area are known for selling their own produce.
  • Carlton – Here you will find many fine Victorian style homes as well as the World Heritage Listed Exhibition Building. Lygon Street is also known as Little Italy and you are able to sample the Italian Cuisine and Culture here.


Queensland is known for its beaches and the Great Barrier Reef.

Other things of interest in Queensland:

  • Brisbane – Brisbane is the Capital of Queensland. Full of Restaurants and Entertainment Venues if you can’t find something to do in this River City you aren’t trying. Apart from the traditional parks and gardens Brisbane is home to The Southbank Precinct. You can even enjoy a swim in the man made beach here.
  • Australia Zoo – Australia Zoo owned and operated by the Irwin Family (Family of Steve Irwin) this Zoo offers close up viewing of many animals. Enjoy the Crocodile Feeding among a host of other interactions that Staff have with animals. This Zoo is on the North side of Brisbane.
  • The Gold Coast – What a city to the South of Brisbane. Sun and sand to enjoy with plenty of tourist attractions including a Casino, (see next item), restaurants etc. All the things you would expect from a city.
  • Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast
  • The Sunshine Coast – Similar to the Gold Coast only on the Northern Side of Brisbane. It includes the famous Glasshouse Mountains, Surf, sand everything the tourist could want for.
  • The Darling Downs – The Darling Downs is an area to the west of Brisbane approximately a one and a half hour drive away. The Darling Downs is a rural area where there are a lot of different grain crops grown.
  • Toowoomba – Also known as The Garden City Toowoomba is the largest City in the Darling Downs. It was originally called The Swamp until 1858 when the name Toowoomba was adopted. Some locals claim that the word Toowoomba is Aboriginal meaning The Swamp. Many attractions are able to be visited in Toowoomba including The Japanese Gardens, Queen Street Gardens and Picnic Point Lookout. The Cobb and Co Museum is also a popular destination for travellers.The Carnival of Flowers is held annually in September.
  • Cairns – Cairns is located in North Queensland. It is a popular spot for tourists being well served by good roads, airlines as well as the Cruise boats. Find everything you would expect to find in a city that is also a tourist destination.
  • Townsville – Just down the Coast from Cairns this city is very similar to the comments above re Cairns.
  • Mackay – Mackay is similar to the 2 Cities listed above. As with these 2 cities their other main industry is sugar growing. They are also home to many service businesses for the coal mining industry.
  • Rockhampton – The Beef Industry is very important to the City of Rockhampton. To the west of Rockhampton is the small town of Mount Morgan where in 1880 Gold was discovered and Rockhampton was the main port through which the gold was shipped.Tourism is becoming more popular in this area as the Keppel Islands are attracting more Tourists. Around The Murray Lagoon are The Botanic Gardens, The Zoo and The Golf Club.
  • Maleny – Arts and Crafts – Maleny is a picturesque little town located in the Sunshine Coast area of Queensland. Traditional industries such as dairying and timbergetting have over the years been replaced with Arts and Crafts and eateries.
  • Southbank in Brisbane – Restaurants and Markets as well as Art Gallery
  • Mt Cootha – Mt Cootha was the original home to Television Stations in Brisbane. Today you can get magnificent views from Mt Cootha over Brisbane. There is also a fine eatery at Mt Cootha and good walking tracks for you to enjoy.
  • Whale Watching – As with many International spots Whale Watching is available in Queensland. To find out information on this I would suggest to you to google : whale watching in queensland
  • Treasury Casino Brisbane
  • Mt Isa – A large Mining town in the North West of Queensland. It mines Copper and zinc-lead-silver. Resplendent with Restaurants museums and Outdoor Activities there is always something to do in this City.
  • Noosa Heads National Park – The Noosa Heads National Park is home to plenty of wildlife and birds. There is a great walking track and the park is located on the Sunshine Coast near to Noosa Beach and many fine coffee shops.
  • Port Douglas – A thriving but small town on the North Eastern seaboard of Queensland. Many tourist attractions and the popular 6 mile Beach. A great destination for cruise ships that offer day trips from this location. One of the more popular day trips is north through the sugar town of Mossman and onto the Daintree area where you can see crocodiles in their natural environment along with other species of wildlife.


The southernmost State in Australia.

Things of interest in Tasmania;

  • Port Arthur Penal Colony – Located on the south east of Tasmania this area was the site of the original convict settlement in Tasmania. Here you can tour the ruins of the penal colony and enjoy the normal other tourist attractions at such a site. For more information refer to this article at Wikipedia.
  • Hobart – The capital of Tasmania.Home to the Cat and Fiddle Arcade. Many day trips to local area including Mt Wellington. To see nature you will have to venture a little into the countryside where you are able to see wombats and platypi and hopefully a tasmanian Devil.
  • Cadbury’s Factory – Home of the well known Cadbury Chocolate Brand. Although visits to this factory are no longer available it continues manufacturing here at Claremont.
  • Cat and Fiddle Arcade – Visit this historic arcade for 70 shops and coffee areas. The well known clock strikes on the hour and you can see the story of the Cat and the Fiddle with the cow jumping over the moon. Located in Hobart this is not to be missed.
  • Bush Hotel – Located in New Norfolk this historical hotel is the oldest pub in Australia as well as the longest operating hotel.
  • Waterfront at Hobart – The Waterfront or Constitution Dock is the end of the annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Salamanca Markets are held every Saturday morning.
  • Mt Wellington – Situated near Hobart. Take something warm to wear as this place can be windy and snowy as well as Sunny.
  • Launceston – On the North Coast of Tasmania. Visit The Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden 8 km from Burnie to view their gardens and the offerings from their Tea Room. Burnie is around 145 km from Launceston to the North West. In Launceston, only a 15 minute walk from the centre of Launceston, you will find the Cataract Gorge. The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania is located opposite City Park. Launceston is home to many Art Galleries, Museums and Parks as well as fine eating establishments.
  • Wilderness Railway – For a historical train journey visit The West Coast Wilderness Railway is located in Strahan.
  • Tasmanian Devil – I came across this article while researching the Tasmanian Devil and it tells you where to find them. It is on Fodor’s Travel Website
  • Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs – Located in a family friendly area a 90 minute drive south from Hobart in the Huon Valley. This attraction is a non smoking area. It has a shop as well as traditional services for this type of attraction.
  • Wineglass Bay – Located in the Freycinet National Park you cannot drive to Wineglass Bay. You can walk there and back approx 2.5 hours. A more traditional hile is around 3.5 hours each way. An alternative is to go by boat and there are cruises available.
  • Doo Town – South East of Hobart about 80 km is the location of Doo Town near Eaglehawk Neck. An interesting place fishing is the main attraction for the local population. Visit the Blowhole and Tasman Arch. Many of the local houses are aptly named “Doo” and the other words. There is no accomodation or eateries here but there is a local food van if you are lucky enough to find it.
  • Gordon River – Located on the West Coast of Tasmania when visiting this area a good place to arrange accommodation is Strahan. The River is in an Ecological area and eventually leads to a Hydro Electric Plant. For full details of this interesting river we refer you to this article on Wikipedia.

South Australia

Adelaide the capital of South Australia is also known as The City of Churches.

Other items of interest in South Australia include:

  • Adelaide – Adelaide is the Capital City of South Australia. As with any Capital City there are numerous attractions for travellers. Visit Museums and Art Galleries. Go for a tour of the old Jail. The largest wine tasting room in Australia is located at the National Wine Center of Australia. There are walkways along each side of the Torrens River as well as many tours out from Adelaide to the surrounding rural areas. Discuss these with your travel agent.
  • Kangaroo Island – For details about Kangaroo Island Please check out this site by the Australia.com about Kangaroo Island
  • Barossa Valley – Known for Wineries. Many of these wineries are extremely well known including Penfolds, Wolf Blass and Jacob’s Creek. Seppeltsfield is also well known for one of it’s wines Para Port. All in all there are more than 150 Wineries in this area. Fine eateries go hand in hand with great wineries and there is no exception here.
  • Fleurieu Peninsula – This area is 40 minutes south of Adelaide and has great Accommodation, eateries and wineries.Make the most of the Beaches while you are visiting this destination.

  • Flinders Ranges.- This really is a must go to area. The Flinders Ranges offer so much for the Tourist. Remarkable scenery with tours either by air or road as well as Aboriginal Culture.Great eateries of traditional and Aboriginal Cuisines are located here. Accommodation is available at either Motels or Homestead Stays.
  • Adelaide Casino – Apart from Gambling this Casino has a range of Restaurants for you to choose from.
  • Murray River- The Murray River is approximately 2500 km in length and runs through New South Wales, Victoria and finally ending in South Australia. It begins in the Southern Alps. For More Details of this region of South Australia we refer you to this site.
  • Coober Pedy – Also known as the Opal Capital of The World. Coober Pedy is a fascinating town. It is located for a convenient stop if driving from Adelaide to Alice Springs. Not recommended to visit in January or February due to heat. Many residential addresses have the houses built underground and if staying try to stay in at least one of the underground hotels. Coober Pedy has quite a bit for the tourist even mining for opals.
  • Clare Valley – The Clare Valley is home to many fine Wineries producing some of the best Rieslings in Australia. Food is commensurate with this level of wine. Accomodation is very diverse from Motels to B&B’s, Glamping, Caravan Parks and even staying in a shed on a Vineyard. If you wish you can also stay on an 18 hole Golf Course.
  • Whyalla – Accommodation in Hotels, Motels, Apartments and Caravan Parks. Whyalla has it all. Traditionally n industrial Town Whyalla has many family activities available. It also has Museums and Art Galleries. It is an amazing place to relax for a few days and unwind.

Northern Territory

Not a State but a Territory.

The Northern Territory is a large area with a small population. It has many very large Cattle properties.

Places of interest include:

  • Darwin _ Darwin is the Capital of the Northern Territory. It is a Laid Back city with all the usual attractions you would expect to find in a Capital City.
  • Alice Springs – Known as Alice to locals this town has plenty to offer. Aboriginal Art, visit the MacDonnell Ranges where you will find spectacular scenery, walking trails, swimming and camping spots.
  • Uluroo – The famous rock in the middle of Australia. Walk around the Rock with an Aboriginal guide. Stay overnight at the Ayers Rock Resort to witness the color changes in the rock at sunset and sunrise.
  • Darwin Military Museum – An interesting military museum in Darwin which has an interactive display of the Defence of Darwin during WW2 .
  • Lasseters Casino Alice Springs – This Casino in Alice Springs offers Accommodation, Restaurants, Gambling, Health Facilities, Day Spa and a Conference Center.
  • Kakadu National Park – Kakadu is a 3 hour drive from Darwin. Swimming is prohibited in the Park. Enjoy walking through nature. Tour trips from Darwin are available to this popular park. Tip. Look for Crocodiles when approaching Riverbanks or if Fishing. Kakadu covers an area in excess of 20,000 square kms.
  • Litchfield- This National Park has many things to offer tourists. It has waterfalls that you are able to enjoy hours of fun swimming beneath. 4 wheel driving and hiking as well as camping are all things for you to do here. There is a Tourist Shop as well as a Café at Wangi Center, Wangi Falls. For Full details particularly what is Not Allowed please check this link provided by the Northern Territory Government. Here you will also be able to download PDF’s re The Park as well as Swimming there.
  • School of the Air at Alice Springs – Used for Educating children since 1951 this School broadcasts over an area of 1.3 million square kms. Tours, including a short film, of the facility are available and take approximately an hour. When you arrive the tour begins. There are no set times however check their website for opening hours.
  • Sky City Casino Darwin – Now Mindi Beach Casino Resort – Everything you expect from a top class Casino.
  • Glen Helen Gorge – Located 132 kms from Alice Springs this Gorge offers Camping, hiking and walking. Facilities include camping sites,caravan park and a restaurant.
  • Katherine Gorge – Full and detailed can be seen here at a site provided by the Northern Territory Government.

Australian Capital Territory

Another Territory and the smallest area of any State or Territory in Australia it is the home of the Federal Government of Australia.

Things to do in the ACT:

  • Visit Parliament House – The home of the Federal Government of Australia. Sit in the public gallery to observe the Parliament at work.
  • Canberra – The Capital City of the ACT as well as home to the Australian Federal Government. City residents include many public servants. Great dining and accommodation facilities available. Many activities are here for tourists to enjoy.
  • Australian Institute of Sport  – For Full details please check this link on a site on visitcanberra.com.au
  • Go Ballooning – Hot Air Ballooning  in Canberra – Sounds totally relaxing. Flights are weather dependant and last around 45 minutes to an hour. As weather can change you may get an early morning call.
  • Visit the Australian War Museum – This venue is too important so I will just provide a link to their website for you to explore yourself.
  • National Botanic Gardens – These Gardens provide guided tours and conduct research on plants.
  • Art Galleries to visit – Many Art Galleries in Canberra.
  • Fly a Jet Simulator – Experience flying and landing a commercial jet. You will meet your first officer who will brief you on what to do and then you will choose from over 22,000 airports from which you would like to depart from and then where you would like to land. You will also be able to choose the weather conditions of your flight. During the flight you will be in control. To contact Phone 0438 834 026
  • Cruise on Lake Burley Griffin – Lake Burley Griffin cruises last typically an hour and durng that hour you should see quite a few of Canberra’s tourist spots.
  • Visit The Jerrabomberra Wetlands – You can walk these Wetlands to see airds and other animals. There are bird hides where you are able to observe these birds from. No pets are allowed to be taken into the Wetlands.
  • Namadgi National Park – There are designated camp sites in this park. Take a guided tour ( available on weekends or selected public holidays) or see video in the Tourist Information Center.
  • National Zoo – You are able to stay at this Zoo overnight and this includes all meals as well as exclusive guided tours. The Zoo has many animal attractions and is not to be missed.

Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest State in Australia, in fact covers approximately one third of Australia, and is well known for it’s mining industries. This State has large deposits of Iron Ore.

Things of Interest in Western Australia:

  • Visit Perth the Capital of Western Australia and Experience some of Australia’s Best Weather
  • See the Quokkas on Rottnest Island
  • Tour the Kimberly
  • Margaret River is not only known for it’s wine but also surfing and whale watching
  • Go to Broome one of the older regions for Pearl Diving in Australia. While there hitch a ride on a camel
  • Monkey Mia – See the dolphins being fed
  • Shark Bay is worth a visit
  • Fitzgerald
  • Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie  – Historical Gold Discovery and Early Gold Mining.
  • Esperance – On the Southern Coast of WA.
  • Bungle Bungle Ranges – Spectacular Scenery
  • Cottesloe Beach – One of Perth’s Favorite Beaches

Tip: Because of the vast size of Australia make sure that you have planned your trip Down Under meticulously so that you will not be disappointed by missing something you may be extremely interested in.


I hope and trust you have enjoyed our post on Australia and that you have learnt some details from reading it.

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