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Swivel Seats for Cars for the Disabled

Swivel Seats for Cars for the Disabled

You can find a large variety of seats for your car however the ones that are the subject of this article are swivel seats for cars for the disabled.

To prove disabled drivers can still get behind the wheel we recommend you read this inspiring story about a young man who lost both legs in an accident.

What is a swivel seat?

What does it do?

How can it help you?

What is a Swivel Seat for a Car

A swivel seat for a car for a disabled person is like a lazy susan.

It is round and swivels to allow disabled people to be able to enter a vehicle easily which means if you are wheelchair bound you can be lifted on to the seat and easily swung around to be either a passenger or a driver.

You can be assured if you are disabled or elderly there will be no difficulty in getting in a car.

Hence this is how it will help you.

A swivel cushion can be used in many areas of your home as well.

You can use it on a seat at the table.

Or even a seat in an office / workplace environment.

Hence they are very versatile.


Pros and Cons of a Swivel Cushion

As with all products there are pros and cons which means that there are both good and bad points to using the product.

  • Versatility - Can be used in different situations
  • Comfort
  • 360 degree turn
  • Can lower amount of back pain suffered
  • May not be suitable to use with bucket seats - Check with supplier.
  • Bottom may wear over time - Place a towel under it
  • May move around while sitting on the cushion


I hope this article has given you the information you are seeking on swivel cushions.

I believe that because the product is versatile and can be used id different situations you may see benefit in it.

We thank you for your interest and recommend you also check out these articles on this site.






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