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Washing Aids for the Elderly

Washing Aids for the Elderly

As we age there are different stages we go through where we need to use different aids in our lives.

I am nearly 70 years of age so know what you are going through.

For this reason, I am sharing with you some things that I think and have personally found necessary to use while showering.

In this post-Washing Aids for the Elderly, I will be explaining what is available for us to help us in our daily bathing and cleaning of our bodies.

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I find it amazing that so much is available in the market today to help us with our daily lives and remember when having our bathroom renovated about 10 years ago getting grab rails installed even though my wife and I believed we didn’t really need them however it was only a few years later that we both began using them.

I believe that these have saved me on quite a few occasions from having a fall. Something that recently has become more of an occurrence. (Not in the bathroom though.)

I also am finding it quite remarkable how many of these aids are quite affordable for most budgets.

Grab Rails

Grab rails come in many configurations

Some are fitted with screws while others are very easily fitted with suction caps.

If you are looking at the suction cap fitted ones make sure that the surface you are intending to place it on is suitable.

This should be covered in the listing or by your local merchant.

Some of these rails come with a non-slip surface some do not.

You will find that some are suitable for the bath while others may be meant for only the shower.

I, personally, would also consider placing one near to my bathroom sink.

Other grab rails are available for general positioning on walls where you think you may need them.

Grab rails are also available to use around your toilet.

Shower Stools

Shower stools are readily available.

My wife bought mine for me on our wedding anniversary.

These are very often adjustable so that they are suitable for your height.

This is not a difficult process to make the adjustment.

I have even seen one that has a place to put the shower head if you have the type of fitting that is not fixed.

Quite often when you get one that needs assembling this is also an easy process.

Also available is a fold out bench seat for you to sit on while showering.

You can get transfer benches to make it easier to get in and out of either your bath or shower.

A Shower or Bath Step

You can get a shower step if you have difficulty in getting over the entrance to the shower.

These are very portable and can be taken in most places with you.

If you have mobility issues due to age or disability you will find this item is worth checking out.

They are ideal for getting in and out of the bath.

Being large with a non-slip surface adds to their safety.

Bath and Shower Mats

These are a wonderful thing to have in your bath or shower to once again prevent accidental falls.

They are varying sizes and quite often have many suction caps on the bottom in order to protect you.

Toilet Aids

You will find that there are many toilet aids available.

Naturally, there are the grab rails mentioned above.

Some people use a frame around the toilet which assists with mobility.

You will find that some of these frames even have magazine holders attached to them.

There are some of us who suffer various mobility issues and require to use a raised toilet seat.

These items are used probably more often than you realize.

They can be used by people with bending or sitting difficulties.

Another aid that is readily available is a device that really is like a pair of tongs.

This device is to hold toilet paper should you have difficulty with this task.

There is even a portable bidet so no more toilet paper needed.

Other Bathing Aids

One of my favorite aids when showering is a very inexpensive item.

It is a long-handled brush for cleaning your hard to reach areas.

I also use a back scrubber.

It is a long item that has both a rough and smooth side.

With rope handles on each end, it is used just like a towel once you put the soap or shower gel on it.

I also have a shower mitt with similar back and front.

Using the rough side wakes me up rather quickly each day.

Need a carer to wash your hair.

Then the inflatable hair salon is what you need.

Some Further Information About This Product

Inflates with two breaths and your carer or loved one can wash your hair anywhere.

Very portable and easy to store and really quite inexpensive.

Need to see where you are going at night.

One of these motion sensor lights will do the trick.

These are also quite handy in other areas of your home.

On stairs, in hallways and almost wherever you can think that you go at night. They will light the way and show up obstacles as well as your way.

Your movement will be detected quite a distance before you reach the light and the light will automatically turn off at a set time after you pass it.

You will see where you are going. A great safety product to help prevent falls.

Alarm System

Should you need help there is a product that will call your carer or loved one to come to you.

These products are ideal if you have a fall or other emergency.

They work in a range that if someone is in your home they will be able to respond immediately.

If there is no one else in your home there are other systems available.

I have one where I wear a call button around my neck and all I need to do is press it and help is here.

These are a vital thing for elderly or disabled people living by themselves or if they have a carer.

In fact, I would even recommend all of us having one of these.


I hope and trust that you have enjoyed reading this post.

Thank you for your time that you have spent reading it.

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