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What Do Senior Citizens Do

What Do Senior Citizens Do

In this article about What Do Senior Citizens Do I can tell you that I used to always wonder the same thing that you do.

I thought if they don’t go to work how do they find things to do to fill in the day?

Now after many years of wondering I have now joined the ranks of being a Senior Citizen and have had the mystery opened up so am able to let you know.

What I am wondering now is how did I ever get the time to go to work 5 days a week.

The Mystery Revealed

So what do senior citizens do to fill in their day.

Well the answer is very simple.

They do the things that they wanted to spend more time doing when they went to work but didn’t have the time to do.

See it is not as complicated as you thought.

Just enjoying life more by being able to devote more time to hobbies and interests.

Here is a link to Wikipedia for an article on Hobbies.

What I Do

As I am going to bed earlier at night now I get up earlier in the morning.

Enjoy a leisurely, but nutritious, breakfast.

Shower and shave.

Go for a walk.

Think about what is next for the day.

Do the normal household chores.

By this time it is time for my next cup of coffee.

Following that I find a neighbour to have a chat to.

We generally enjoy a tall tale or two and have a good laugh.

Then I might wander off to join in a group activity or spend time on the computer writing things like this article you are now reading.

Back home for lunch.

After that the afternoon is fairly much the same as the morning.

At night I watch TV for a few hours.

Occasionally I join in to an organized bus trip.

These take up most of the day and include morning tea and lunch in the fare.

On a weekly basis I go shopping for groceries.

Seeing visitors and family, as well as an occasional meal out with friends, is always something I look forward to.

Another activity I enjoy on a daily basis is watching nature documentaries with my girlfriend.

Activities Others Participate In

While I live a fairly quiet life, although I don’t have any spare time, other friends of mine participate in a lot more activities.

There are so many things that you can do when you get older.


Always a firm favorite of many people who love a good book.

I have found that a lot of senior citizens prefer to read an actual book rather than read the same thing on a computer screen.

This is only an observation I have made and is no way a scientific poll.

You could even turn your hand to writing.

I have a friend who has written her memoirs and know of others who are doing the same thing.

Go and browse a bookstore or library to find new authors or new interests.


If you are into crafts like painting or knitting.

Scrapbooking, jewelry making, paper crafts, macrame and quilting are some other craft activities to become involved with.

I know of a group of lady knitters who spend every Saturday morning knitting items to send overseas for poorer countries.


Many seniors have been engaging in hobbies for years and continue on with these as they get older.

I have seen older men whittling. They seem to be completely relaxed and calm.

Some of the hobbies I am going to include could probably go under other headings so please excuse me if something seems to be out of place.

Listening to music.

You can listen to your favorite music either on your old LP’s, CD’s or on You Tube.

I sometimes listen to music for hours at a time.

Is Fishing a hobby or a sport. Visit your favorite fishing spot and catch your evening meal. (hopefully)

Do you enjoy dancing it really is a good form of exercise.

Model making can be very precise and take hours.

Sit Down Games

Some popular activities include playing games.

Card games such as Bridge, Canasta and Five Hundred are popular games for senior citizens to while away the hours.

Some popular board games are Scrabble, Monopoly and Boggle.

It is good for senior citizens to join in sit down games.

They provide fun and socializing.


Many seniors participate in exercise activities.

This keeps us all fit and relatively healthy.

We even have group exercise sessions.

There is a walking group.

Sit down Yoga is another favorite group.

Aqua Aerobics is a great way to improve fitness.

Join a Gym. Get a personal trainer to make sure that you don’t overdo things.


Sporting activities are also very popular.

Sports can still be played well into our senior years.

Golf is a favorite of both males and females.

With golf buggies you don’t have to walk great distances around the golf course.

Lawn Bowls is another sport that a lot of people played before becoming a senior and have carried on playing it.

The main difference with sport is you now have more time to enjoy it.

Tennis and swimming are another two sports enjoyed by senior citizens.

I know of one 90 year old lady who enjoys Archery.

Going Out

There are always new places to explore.

At one stage my friends and myself were exploring new restaurants and pubs in the local area.

Many others enjoy a good meal and quite a few of them have their favorite haunts.

Others may wish to search out new shopping centers, movie houses or theaters.

Find a new park and go for a picnic or barbecue with friends or family.

Visit your local museum or art gallery.

These are truly amazing places.


I did a photography course some time ago now after buying a new camera.

I found this activity to not only stimulate the brain and give me education on how to use my new camera but the social aspect was really quite amazing.

You will find there are a wide variety of courses you can complete and I am sure at least one of your interests should be covered.

If not go and learn something new.

I know a lot of seniors who are doing computer courses.


It is good to get out and about and travel.

The world is open to you.

Travel around your local area and find new places of interest.

Visit a neighbouring town or city.

Stay overnight and enjoy their nightlife. (Remember to be in bed early so probably no nightclubs)

Travel through your State and visit the State Capital.

After that get more adventurous and visit other States in your country then try international travel.

It really is amazing what you can learn.

If you enjoy gardening work out a plan to visit various garden shows in different areas.

My girlfriend introduced me to cruising last year.

This was something I never wanted to do previously however I went along with her.

It was one of the best things I ever did in my life and I was sorry I had never been on a cruise with my wife.

We cruised up the East Coast of Queensland in Australia leaving Brisbane and as far north as Port Douglas.

Stopping at Airlie Beach, Cairns and Port Douglas for day trips.

Truly a fantastic experience.


Thank you for reading our article on What Do Senior Citizens Do.

I have tried to explain to you what we actually do all day and shown you quite a range of activities.

Naturally there will be others who have totally different interests who fill their day in doing other things.

I did forget one thing and that is having a nana nap or sleeping in front of the television.

We seem to tire ourselves out and forget we are not 40 years old any longer.

I do however believe the one activity we all enjoy the most is when friends and family come to visit us.

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