What’s it Like Being Old My Journey and Thoughts

what's it like to be old

What’s it Like Being Old My Journey and Thoughts

This is a question my grandchildren often ask me, and I say to them, you are older than you were last year. How do you feel about being older?

Our bodies may not be able to do certain things, and our memory cannot function as well, but unless they have completely broken down, there are ways around this.

What’s It Like Being Old – Really for me it is not too much different from being younger.

Actually I quite often feel 25 and indestructible although I do not have the physical strength to open bottles and jars any longer and I do have mobility issues.

At other times, I realize I am not, but the times I believe it outnumber the others.

I live in a community with many similar people to myself all in varying stages of life.

We have over 700 people living here all aging.

I don’t know all of them but slowly get to know many of them.

Of course I cannot remember all of their names but we all have this problem.

It is not a problem and no one takes offence.

I used to write a shopping list but would forget to take it.

I found an app for the phone but forget to look at it and when I get home again maybe I have forgotten one or two things but they just go on next week’s list and always have a few extra things so there is no great problem.

Here is an interesting article from Wikipedia on Aging.

When Are You Officially Old

This appears to be considered different ages where you look on the internet.

Some places say 70 others 73 and I think I found one telling me 75.

I’m going to say 70.

If I say the others I am not there yet and I like being old.

Sorry but I can’t add anything to that.

If anything I regard it as one of the best times and I have had a really good life.

The only thing I do miss is working.

What Do Old People Do

Old people do a lot of the same things they have been doing during their lifetime as long as they are physically and mentally able to do these activities.

Personally. I had a sedentary lifestyle, so now I walk a lot more for exercise.

With my doctor’s permission  I now walk about 4 kilometers four times a week and 1.5 kilometers the other days. If it is hot then I break this and stay inside in the cool.

Please Note – Do Not start any new exercises without medical approval.

If you liked doing jigsaws or playing cards or scrabble keep doing it.

Cycling is another activity some senior citizens enjoy and a round of golf or a game of bowls. 

Whatever it was, you enjoyed keeping doing it. (as long as it does not involve physical activity – see warning above)

A lot of the residents in here sit around and talk.

I remember a 90 year old telling me the talk was all Gobbledygoo.

Many others enjoy their afternoon nap. I enjoy one but it is only in my chair in front of the television.

We also enjoy concerts where the old and not so old tunes are played.

I almost forgot to put in here organized day bus trips around the area where we live.

What Senior Citizens Need

Apart from devices to help them get through their daily lives, senior citizens need company in many cases.

This could be as simple as their children visiting or companionship of friends.

Others may need more than this but I think that socializing is very important for most humans no matter what our age.

I found a lovely lady to be a friend and we see each other most days and occasionally share a meal.

I will tell you more about her in a coming article on this site.

I would like to see more of my children, but they have busy lives to lead and I do know they are there for me when I need them.

We are a very close family.

The senior citizens that do not want company their need is to be left alone to enjoy life with themselves.

You will find that some senior citizens will need help in making decisions.

These could be monetary or health related.

If this is the case they may need to talk with children or professional advisors like financial specialists or their doctor.

The financial specialist could be their bank manager, accountant or a financial planner.

I needed help from my children when I moved into the community I live in.

As I don’t drive any longer they picked me up from my home came on an inspection tour with me and we discussed the unit I would buy.

My son later read all the contracts as he is a qualified accountant and reads many contracts as part of his occupation.

He also helped me get my home ready for sale by painting the house’s interior for me.

My daughter and granddaughter helped me with the shift into the unit and the unpacking of all the boxes the removalists packed.

Anytime I have to go to hospital my daughter or granddaughter pick me up and bring me home when I am discharged.

I think that when my other granddaughter gets older and gets a licence she will do the same.

She is only 10.

I believe in my heart that Senior Citizens need to know they are loved and safe.

Other Requirements of Senior Citizens

This section refers to things and areas of the home where Senior Citizens can need some help to make their life easier. 

This does not relate to any government schemes or care organizations but just a few items to assist us.

If you are having falls you can get a monitoring device that alerts others you have fallen.

The Kitchen and Bathrooms are areas of your home where there are many devices available to assist you.

Here you can find items ranging from cooking items to specialized utensils and plates which make eating easier.

My biggest problem is mobility.

I use a Walking Stick, a Rollator and a Mobility Scooter.

The Walking Stick I use when exercising as well as inside the unit, the Rollator and Mobility Scooter when I go shopping for groceries.

In the garden is another area that many devices are available. 

These can allow you to get back to a pastime you may have once enjoyed.

There are even things to allow easier entry into your car.


In concluding this article on What’s It Like Being Old I hope you have learned a few things from a fellow travelers experience.

I trut you have found it interesting to read my thoughts on What’s it like being Old.

Please bookmark our site so you can return to see future articles.

Thank you for your interest

Try to keep vertical and keep smiling.


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